Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Going For Broke

We have passed the autumnal equinox and summer has left us behind with the promise of cooler days to come. As the days get shorter we all wonder how in heck did summer fly by so fast. It is still quite summery like here on the island and while it may be a bit late for summer flavored fare, let's bring back summer with some Eddy Grant and his reggae/calypso type music.

Going for Broke is a 1984 album by Eddy Grant that has been grossly overlooked in my humble opinion. Following the major success of the previous album, Killer On The Rampage, this album takes a similar approach but was not as commercially successful. It featured the U.S. hit "Romancing the Stone", as well as the singles "Till I Can't Take Love No More" and "Boys in the Street". This album is proof that Eddy Grant is multi-talented when it comes to crossing over from one genre to another. If you ask me though, the overall scope of the album is way better that the previous album. The one weakness it may have had at the time is that there was no obvious killer single like Electric Avenue from the prior album, though how could you not love Boys in the Street. Since it's release I have listened to this album way more than Killer on the Rampage. Pity it's out of print. So say goodbye to summer with a couple of Caribbean tinged reggae/calypso tunes from Eddy Grant.

Boys in the Street
Only Heaven Knows
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