Friday, September 25, 2009


Sinner is the 12th or 14th studio album (depending on whether you count eps and such) by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, released June 13, 2006, by Blackheart Records Group. While most of the contents previously appeared on the Japan-only release Naked (2004), it was her first record of new material released in the United States since "Pure 'n' Simple" in 1994. When you hear how vital and flat-out rocking she sounds on this album, you scratch your head and wonder why it took over a decade for the Queen of Rock to release a new album. Even the ballads have gloriously loud and gritty guitars and Jett's voice hasn't lost an ounce of power. Hopefully it won't be another decade before the next Joan Jett record, for with this album she's restaked a claim as an important artist and it'd be a real shame if she disappeared again. Another great album from yet another artist who has been woefully neglected as a candidate for the rock n roll hall of fame. I know she is currently semi involved with the forthcoming Runaways movie, but here it is 3 years later and no new material. Joan yer fans want more, please don't wait another 10 years for a new album. For the Runaways movie they've cast Kristen Stewart as Joan and Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie. Not sure about those casting decisions. You know who would've been awesome playing Joan? Ellen Page would have been my choice, she kicks ass in every movie I've seen her in and would have been perfect. Anyways here's a couple cuts from Sinner.

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