Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tonight the Stars Revolt!

Powerman 5000 is a Boston-based rock band formed in 1991, whose frontman happens to be the younger brother of one Rob Zombie. Tonight the Stars Revolt was their second major label release which came out in 1999 and sold over a million copies. In the loosest sense it might be called a concept album. No specific story is being told yet there is a theme based on campy science fiction reminiscent of the 1950s. Frontman Spider One seems to have a fixation on bygone science fiction much like older brother Rob's obsession with B-movie horror themes. The album is full of roaring heavy metal with electronics and sound effects. It produced three hit singles and went on to sell over a million copies. Must be something about this band because their music has been featured on no less than 15 soundtrack albums including a cover of Relax on the Zoolander soundtrack, and several video games have also featured their music.

Nobody's Real
Operate, Annihilate
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