Friday, September 18, 2009

Tortelvis Vs The King

Apologies to those who have stopped by and found my output less than stellar. You know the story, real life gets in the way of virtual life and Homercat has had to catch lots of mices lately. Being that I'm short on time I'm going to dig up an old archive post that graced these pages around 4 years ago. One of these artists I've featured a couple times because it's good and fun stuff. Everytime I listen to Jimmy I thank my good friend Mick for pointing me in the King's direction

Best Cover Version of a classic rock song by an Elvis Impersonater

the KingFirst place has to go to a guy named Jimmy the King. Funny enough this guys name is James Brown and he comes from Belfast, Ireland and his day job is postal carrier. He was discovered singing Elvis songs at a karaoke bar. A record producer had the idea to record the Nirvana song "Come As You Are" with an Elvis impersonator and Jimmy the King was born. Lest you think this to hokey, the album this song comes from (Gravelands)is actually pretty incredible and the quality of the performances are amazing and in many instances the covered songs are better than the original. The band backing this Elvis is top notch. My recommendation buy the CD if you can find it. Every single person who I have played this album for absolutely loves it and wants a copy.

No Woman No Cry by Jimmy the King

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Runner up would have to go to Tortelvis from Dread Zeppelin. What do Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presley and reggae music have in common. One would think nothing at all but there you have Dread Zeppelin. I did a post on Dread Zeppelin a long long time ago and if you're interested to find out more about them then read it here. In fact it's been so long I may have to do an update.

Ramble On by Dread Zeppelin

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I would suggest that if you could find anything by either of these artists then pick it up, as your local record store won't carry it.

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