Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Touch of Evil

My previous post was about a live show so I'm going to continue in the same vein today. I'll sort of briefly revisit the Judas Priest concert I attended last year. First thing though, I just want to say that I truly wish I had a soundboard recording of every concert I've attended through the years. Over half of the shows I've been to I can't even remember the setlist. It seems to me in these days of our decent technology, a band could really rake in the extra dough by selling such recordings. Record companies and some artists are freaking out over file sharing and how it cuts into their revenue and blah blah we know the story. Personally I would be willing to fork out some cash for a soundboard recording of every single show I plan to attend. At the very least maybe an offer through their own websites. I have the whole thing worked out, as to purchase, distribution and the like. I know that it would initially cut into the record labels milking of the sacred cow by releasing a live album every 6 or 7 years, but in the long run it would make them more money. If anyone's interested in this idea and incorporating it, just let me know and I'll tell ya how to do it.©

So talking about milking cows we have A Touch of Evil: Live which is Judas Priest's fifth live album, and first with original vocalist Rob Halford since they reunited. It came out in July of this year and surprise it really is a good live album. The album focuses primarily on fan-revered album cuts (all previously unreleased in live form on CD), ‘A Touch of Evil: Live’ features absolutely brilliant renditions of such Priest gems as “Riding on the Wind,” “Beyond the Realms of Death,” “Dissident Aggressor,” “A Touch of Evil,” “Eat Me Alive,” and the set-closing “Painkiller.” So you won't have to sit through yet another live version of Breaking the Law or Living After Midnight. Fans and critics alike have been giving this live release high marks. Any self-respecting Priest diehard will want this for his or her collection; but I'm going to go as far as saying that it’s essential for the most loyal and dedicated Priest fans. If for nothing else than "Painkiller,” which closes out the disc, and it sounds f--king awesome! This album was recorded during their 2005 and 2008 tours and lo and behold when I slipped the disc into the old player the third track really caught my attention, especially in the middle guitar break when Halford screams, "What's Up Victoria!". You know when an artist releases a live album and you were at one of the shows you always wonder if one of those songs is from when you saw them. In this case Between the Hammer and the Anvil was recorded at the Victoria show and some of those screams you hear are from Mr. and Mrs. Homercat. If you're a fan you should really pick this one up.

Between the Hammer and the Anvil
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