Monday, October 26, 2009

Army Of Darkness

Army Of Darkness is a 1993 comedy horror/adventure film and the third installment in the Evil Dead series. The original title was supposed to be Bruce Campbell vs the Army of Darkness. The Evil Dead series are just all around awesome and fun horror movies to watch. They are so over the top, especially the third one. I watched this yet again the other night and Bruce has many memorable one liners. Army of Darkness is not as violent or gory as the prior Evil Dead films, relying more on slapstick. It does have it's moments though. Danny Elfman wrote the "March of the Dead" theme for the movie, but after the re-shoots were completed, Evil Dead II composer Joseph LoDuca returned to score the new film. LoDuca sat down with Raimi and they went over the entire film, scene by scene. The composer used his knowledge of synthesizers and was able to present many cues in a mock-up form before he took them in front of an orchestra. I had to put up the whole album for us Evil Dead fans, but it won't be up long.

192 kbps

Building The Deathcoaster
Give Me Some Sugar/Boneanza
Time Traveller
Ash Splits
Little Ashes
Ash In Chains
Night Court
The Forest Of The Dead/Graveyard
The Pit
God Save Us
Foul Thing
March Of The Dead (Elfman)
Whites Of Their Skulls
The Deathcoaster
On The Parapet
Ash Bucklers
Soul Swallower
Manly Men
End Titles

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I definitely love comedy horror/adventure films! in fact, I came to your blog in order to find some stuff like that, never the less, it is a pity that the DL link is working no longer.
That made me feel blue.

Melisa Marzett said...

"Army Of Darkness" is an old 3rd Evil Dead movie. If I'm not mistaken, it has been released in 1992. Get a full overview on this film by following this!