Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Born of the Night

Midnight Syndicate is an American musical group that has been working mainly in the genre of gothic music since 1998. The band is based out of Chardon, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. Their music is commonly used to provide atmosphere during the Halloween season, in haunted attractions and in the role-playing game industry. Over time Midnight Syndicate has become the standard with the Halloween and haunted attraction industries. In addition to haunted attractions, amusement parks worldwide license their music during the Halloween season. Born of the Night was the second album of the band Midnight Syndicate, released in 1998, and is currently out of print. As you may have guessed these guys play great creepy atmospheric music that is perfect for Halloween. The album has a theme - the setting is a haunted castle, there is a definite feeling of being in a gothic haunted castle amongst many different creatures of the night, such as gargoyles, bats, and vampires. Basically this album captures the spirit of the night and its mysteries and the many different creatures one would encounter in or near a haunted castle. Music like this is great for piping outdoors to creep out the trick or treaters especially if you've got your house all jazzed up for the occasion. if you're hosting a haunted house or are looking to set a darker mood for a party, this is the best Halloween music out there.

Haunted Nursery
Born of the Night
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