Friday, October 08, 2010

Halloween Party Music

October is here and homercat has decided to get a jump on Halloween with these selections of Halloween  party tunes. For now It's mix party disc time. I'm putting this up again because this is a mix I made for a friend at work last year and I also posted this last year.  There are a couple of new additions from last years mix but it is very similar. I'm putting this up today because It won't be much use for a party if I wait until the day of Halloween. This way if you are hosting a party you might want to use some of these. I burned this as a mp3 disc but one could always break it up into regular cd's if so inclined. I know it has mostly already been featured but maybe you didn't grab it and you want some of these others. Then maybe you'll listen to the ones you didn't get and think hey I kinda like that. Homercat really enjoys putting Halloween posts together for his favourite holiday and I hope y'all will enjoy this. Future busy schedule may prevent me from delving into further October ghoulishness but we'll see.

Artist /Title
1 Peter Gabriel /Intruder
2 John Carpenter /Halloween Theme - Main Title
3 Voltaire /Worf's Revenge (Klingon Rap)
4 The Timelords/ Doctorin' the Tardis [12" Mix]
5 Charles Bernstein/ Main Title Nightmare on Elm Street
6 The Cramps /Surfin' Dead
7 Zombina and the Skeletones /Braindead
8 David Bowie /Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
9 Warren Zevon /Werewolves Of London
10 Alice Cooper/ Skeletons In The Closet
11 Blue Ă–yster Cult /Godzilla
12 Bloodrock / D.O.A.
13 The Presidents Of The United States Of America/ Ghosts Are Everywhere
14 HorrorPops /Walk Like A Zombie
15 Voltaire /BRAINS!
16 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts /Season Of The Witch
17 Bill Wyman /Spooky
18 Total Coelo /I Eat Cannibals (Extended 12'' Dance Mix)
19 Oingo Boingo /Dead Man's Party
20 Intro Song (Trioxin Mix)/Return of the Living Dead Soundtrack
21 Mike Oldfield /Tubular Bells remix
22 Zombina And The Skeletones /Dracula's Tango
23 Alice Cooper /Keepin' Halloween Alive
24 Fred Schneider /Monster
25 Alice Cooper /Former Lee Warmer
26 Voltaire /Zombie Prostitute
27 Rob Zombie /Everybody Scream (Rob Zombie)
28 Zombina And The Skeletones /Monster Mash
29 45 Grave /Partytime (Zombie Version)
30 Nick Cave /Red Right Hand
31 The Ramones /Pet Sematary
32 Alice Cooper/ Steven
33 Zombie Nation /Zombi
34 Insane Clown Posse /Boogie Woogie Wu
35 Gary Numan /I Can't Breathe
36 Brownsville Station /The Martian Boogie
37 The B-52's /Planet Claire
38 Fat Boys / Are you ready for Freddy
39 Ennio Morricone / Humanity (Movie Version from The Thing)

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Tracks 1-19
Tracks 20-39

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WZJN said...

You really got a jump on all of us! Nice to see the addition of The Cramps! Couldn't get enough of them at one time. JJ had a version of 'Season of the Witch'? Where can I find it?