Friday, October 09, 2009


For the rest of the month of October, homercat is going to try to focus on the darker creepier side of music as each day gets us closer to my favorite holiday, Halloween. I've had the house decorated since the first. Nothing better than a good creepy song or album to get the mood set for October. For the most part the rest of this month will have some kind relationship to the dark side of music. I may put up a couple of normal posts in between hauntings. It's inevitable that when Halloween rolls around every year, there are bound to be a couple re posts of stuff that I have featured in the past. Especially when it comes to what I consider essential Halloween party music.

I'm starting Halloweenfest off with a true classic soundtrack from one of the great horror movies of our time. This is one of those reposts that manages to get up When director John Carpenter was making Halloween, it's budget was a paltry $320,000. It went on to gross $47 million at the box office in the United States alone. Remember this was 1978. Needing to save a few bucks, Carpenter wrote the score himself. A major reason for the success of Halloween is the moody musical score, particularly the main theme. Critic James Berardinelli calls the score "relatively simple and unsophisticated", but admits that "Halloween's music is one of its strongest assets". Director John Carpenter notes that he played the film, without the music, for a movie executive, and she said that it wasn't scary. Months later, once she had seen it finished, with the ominous score composed and attached, her opinion changed completely. Carpenter, with just a few sparse notes, manages to interpose urgency, dread, fear, and evil presence, ever so exceptionally into the foreboding film. Creepy atmospheric minimalism at its very best.

Halloween Theme - Main Title
The Shape Lurks
Laurie Knows
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