Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Mythology of Steven Part 2.5

Da Da is a highly overlooked Cooper album from 1983. The album revolves around an insane, unnamed character(Who some think may be Steven again). The character is a cannibal, as revealed in the song, "Fresh Blood." The title track is an instrumental introduction to the album in which we here fragments of a conversation between a psychologist and his patient. Soon it becomes clear that the patient has a history of violence, cannibalism, and is confused whether he has a son or a daughter. The same confusion reigns as whether this is a "Steven" album or not.

“[Doctor] Tell me about your son. [Patient] My son, yeah well, he took care of me. He's took care of me for a long, he still takes care of me. She takes good, and she takes care of me. She takes, she takes good care of me. He takes care of me, Do you believe it. I have a daughter too. [Doctor] You don't have a daughter. [Patient] Yeah, I have a daughter, yeah. [Doctor] A son - you have a son, a son. [Patient] No I, no I, all I have, I have I have a son, I have a son and a daughter, and a daughter. No, I have a son, daughter, daughter too, and a boy, and a boy “

The patient’s confusion is probably a flirt with the Alice Cooper persona. Alice Cooper is a man with a girl’s name, and therefore the patient could be Alice’s father. In the next song “Enough’s Enough”, it becomes clearer that there is a father character in the story. It’s father of the storyteller (Steven?). We learn that the father was glad when the mother died, and that he kept the storyteller’s brother, Former Lee Warmer, locked up in the attic. Then the songs tells the story of how the main character gets by in America (“No Man’s Land”), how he falls in love (“Dyslexia”), an erotic venture with two women (“Scarlet and Sheba”), what he thinks of his home country (“I love America”), a song about a cannibal like killer (“Fresh Blood”) and at last a suicide epic (“Pass The Gun Around”). It’s mainly the first song, the third “Former Lee Warmer” and the last song on the album, which has made many Alice Cooper fans suspect that the person telling the story is in fact Steven. The themes present on the album, and especially in these three songs resemble those on the “Steven albums”. The three Stevenesque tracks are some some of the creepiest Alice Cooper tunes in his entire catalogue. Although relatively short at 9 tracks, This Cooper album ranks in my top 5 fave Alice Cooper albums and I have every one of them. There's just something about it that grabs me. Unfortunately Alice has never performed the material from this album live. He says that he doesn't even remember recording this album he was drinking so heavily. I would love to hear a live version of Former Lee Warmer. It just wouldn't be Halloween without Former Lee.

Former Lee Warmer
Pass The Gun Around
This album Out of Print

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