Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taste The Blood Of Zombina and the Skeletones

Zombina and The Skeletones are a horror rock band from Liverpool, England, formed in 1998 around the nucleus of vocalist Zombina and songwriter Doc Horror. The majority of their tongue in cheek lyrical content deals with themes of horror and science fiction, yet their musical style is upbeat and pop oriented, with elements of garage punk, doo wop and hard rock. Some critics have said they are the best unsigned band on the planet, and no-one even realizes they're unsigned. Fiercely self-sufficient since their inception in 1998 while still at school, the band have combined brain-controlling hooks, exceptional pop, electrifying stage shows, gallons of blood and good old fashioned hard graft to build a truly international fan base of all ages and, seemingly, all tastes. On record they're the 'Beatles of Horror', with albums such as "Taste the Blood of Zombina and the Skeletones", "Halloween Hollwerin'", "Monsters On 45", "Death Valley High" and "Out Of The Crypt And Into Your Heart". Taste The Blood Of Zombina and the Skeletones is the first official album by them which first came out in 2003. I have really gotten into these guys big time and simply love their music and personally highly recommend them. Fun to listen to and it sounds like they're having a blast making these albums. More to come from these guys for sure.

The Grave (And Beyond)
Nobody Likes You (When You're Dead)
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