Saturday, October 24, 2009

There's a Monster in my Pants

Most people know Fred Scneider as frontman for the best party band of the late 70's new wave era, the B-52's. What some people don't know is that he released a couple solo albums also. Well the first one was called Fred Schneider and the Shake Society. It was released in 1984 before the B-52's released Bouncing off the Satellites. Satellites is not one of the B-52's better efforts. Too bad they couldn't have combined the two albums and came out with one great album. So I'm going to feature Monster which is a perennial favorite Halloween song from Fred's first solo album. It certainly has been featured here before because it's an upbeat, quirky, funny song which had a great video which aired a lot on MTV back when they were good and used to play just music videos. In the song there is an innuendo implied, although Fred states in the disclaimer that this wacky space-age song is about a dinosaur walking around in his polka dot PJ's and not what some dirty-minded people might think. You decide, here's part of a lyric. "There's a monster in my pants and it does a nasty dance. When it moves in and out. Everybody starts to shout. Monster aah!" The backing vocalists include Kate Pierson. If you liked the B-52's then you should have this album. Here's a couple great Halloween party tunes.

I'm Gonna Haunt You
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Funny Toon