Friday, December 04, 2009

Banned on Vulcan

Banned on Vulcan is a 4 song EP by the dark cabaret/darkwave artist Voltaire. It was released in 2001. Voltaire is a great fan of Star Trek, frequently attending conventions. All four tracks on this album relate to the Star Trek universe, and mention characters, places, and situations from the all the shows. Not to mention that this stuff is catchy and absolutely hilarious. Even if you're just a passing fan of Trek this is too good to miss and you'll want to track it down. I'm going to feature two of the songs from this EP and give a little description. Check em out and soon you'll be trying to find this classic gem at your local record store.

"Worf's Revenge (Klingon Rap)"
A gangsta rap-esque song celebrating the character Worf, a Klingon who first appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and later, Star Trek: Deep Space 9 extolling his physical strength, achievements, and sexual prowess, referencing his on-screen romances with Deanna Troi, Jadzia Dax and Ezri Dax.
"The U.S.S. Make Shit Up"
A song about treknobabble, Star Trek's tendency to use borderline nonsense to explain away technical details, and some inconsistencies within the Star Trek universe. It describes every series from The Original Series to Voyager. A live version of this song also appears on Voltaire's live album, Live!, and includes a "bonus verse" dealing with Enterprise.

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