Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rooftops and Satellites

Six-time Juno award-winner Colin James has driven his 12-album, 25-year career with his blues influenced guitar mastery and soulful vocals. Colin has juggled his skills as a singer, guitarist and big-band leader so well over the years that diversity seems almost synonymous with his career. Throughout it all, Colin has always forged ahead, without regard to fads or trends, going wherever his muse takes him.

On his latest album, Rooftops and Satellites, Colin’s singing and guitar playing has never been more soulful and his new songs are among his most meaningful ever. This album came out the first week of October and I can't get enough. It’s not a breakthrough disc by any means or even a comeback record, because Colin’s an established rock and blues institution who’s never gone away. But it is an album that serves notice that Colin James just keeps on getting better and better with every studio outing. Searching the net I managed to find just a couple reviews of this album. One reviewer didn't like it as much as his 2005 album Limelight. I have to disagree. While there aren't any downright blistering blues riffs on this album, overall it is way better and every song is a keeper. Compared to Limelight which I felt had one or two throwaway tracks on it. In fact you could slap any song from the new album on the radio and it should be a hit. The songs are very stay in your head all day catchy and there is a perfect mix of horns, guitars and all the James trademarks his fans love. This disc is burning a hole in my head because I can't quit listening to it.

Homercat scrobbles his tracks over at Last FM and when I checked out his artist page I was shocked to see that I was one of only 47 listeners out of millions who have listened to this new album. That's shameful and I always try to rectify a situation where an artist doesn't have enough exposure. Rooftops and Satellites will be on my year end top ten list and more than likely will take the top spot. James is also one of those artists that sounds better live than on album. I've seen him every trip he's made through Victoria and his performances are nothing short of jaw dropping. So here's a suggestion, feed these couple of tunes through your ear canals, take a chance, buy the album for yourself or as a gift for the music lover on your Christmas list and you'll be glad you did. Better yet, If you can catch him live on this tour buy a ticket, you won't be sorry. You can thank me later eh.

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