Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A String of Pearls

Prairie Oyster is an award-winning Canadian country music group from Ontario. They were named Country Group or Duo of the year six times by both the Canadian Country Music Association and the Juno Awards. The band actually formed in 1974 as a trio playing live gigs and disbanded only to reform and release their debut album in 1986. The band released their first greatest hits album, String of Pearls, in 2000. This is just a terrific album if you like country music or you are unfamiliar with this great Canadian band. The singing is good, the writing is wonderful, and there's a range of different sounds on the album so you can listen all the way through and it doesn't get dull. Their albums are extremely hard to get a hold of besides this album and their most recent album which came out in 2006. All the other albums seem to be out of print and I can't find any of them. Too bad as I really enjoy this group. Not all is lost though, as I will be searching for them on vinyl whichg may be easier to find.

Black Eyed Susan
She Won't Be Lonely Long
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