Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thirsty Ears

For nearly three decades Powder Blues has been Canada’s favorite blues band. Their music incorporates elements of Swing, Blues, Jazz, Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues into their unique and instantly identifiable sound. This broad approach has resulted in an appeal whose demographic is so wide that it is not unusual to find people from seven to seventy swaying side by side at a Powder Blues concert. Throughout the years they have toured ceaselessly throughout Canada, the United States and overseas, spreading the joy of a music that makes people smile and dance. When they first burst upon the recording scene in late 1979, with their self-financed and self-produced debut album, ‘Uncut’, after nearly two years of wood shedding and honing their unique blend of sounds in Vancouver’s then flourishing nightclub scene, the established recording industry label giants shrugged their effort off as ‘not commercial’. The band was told there was ‘no market for the blues’.

Undiscouraged, the band pressed the album at their own expense and proceeded to sell it off stage and deliver it to radio stations. When the switchboards at the stations lit up with calls asking ‘who’s that?’ other stations followed suit. After selling nearly 30,000 copies in a matter of weeks, the major record labels came calling and entered a bidding war for the band’s services and the right to distribute this ‘non-commercial’ product nationally. RCA won the contract and to date that album has gone on to sell over a million copies worldwide. In June of 1981 The Powder Blues released their second album 'Thirsty Ears'. It shipped platinum and the first single reached Top 5 nationally. Their touring schedule continued at a pace of over 300 shows per year. You wanna hear something pathetic? The first time homercat ever heard these guys was the day after he got his new turntable and he started playing the Missus' old vinyl. When I put it on and listened I was enthralled. Very, very infectious stuff. So I had to rip and share my find. Now I'm haunting the the used record and thrift stores looking for more Powder Blues since all their stuff seems to be out of print. A Great album for people with "thirsty ears".

Thirsty Ears
Joy Ridin'
Secret Success

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