Thursday, July 30, 2009

In Distortion We Trust

Crucified Barbara is a Swedish all-female metal band, formed in Stockholm in 1998. Their music may best be described as a cross between heavy metal, Thrash metal and rock'n'roll. Although to me their sound is eerily reminiscent of an early Motley Crue and I think that's a good thing. Listening to them you would never guess they were Swedish. Their advance debut single from their first album In Distortion We Trust, was "Losing The Game". It was released on 8 December 2004 and went straight to #8 on the Swedish music charts. The album itself came out in Jan of 2005. If you like yer metal hard and dirty then you'll dig these girls. Hasn't left my mp3 player since I got it. Crucified Barbara's 2nd album, Til Death Do Us Party, was released in February, 2009. Really makes me wish that metal would make a huge comeback. Then again I'm a sucker for smokin' hot women who rock their asses off. So Give these tunes a try and see what you think.

I Need a Cowboy From Hell
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Wanted: a nice cool day or a record store that has the new Cheap Trick album so I can buy it. I wonder if I need to go on a rant here. I would ceptin' it's too darn hot. I've made several calls to my regular haunts and they keep saying nope we don't have it yet. Some folks don't have a credit card or if they do they don't want it floatin' around out there in cyberspace. I'll make another round of phone calls next week and if no one has it yet, I suppose I'll have to break down and download it illegally. What's a homercat to do when he wants to spend his money on a new album and can't get it. I guess he'll have to revisit the summer of 1982 when I played the hell out of Cheap Trick's sixth album. If one thinks I've been spending too much time with Cheap Trick posts it's because of the previous stuff I spoke of.

One on One was Cheap Trick's sixth studio album and was the first Cheap Trick album to feature new bassist Jon Brant. Two years after the complex, experimental All Shook Up, Cheap Trick released an album full of heavy, three-chord, shout-along rockers. Great collection of 11 finely crafted 3 minute rock-pop songs. There is not one bad song in the bunch. The 70s albums get all the hype and the critics write off most of the 80s Cheap Trick. Quite frankly, this is one of the better albums of the 80s and it's just plain fun. Not the best Trick in the catalogue but like my previous post about Hank Jr, there are a lot of fond memories associated with One on One. I hope like hell CT gives this album the remastering treatment that they did on their first 5 albums. I'll be first in line to buy it.

She's Tight
One on One
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Pressure is On

Hank Jr
The Pressure Is On is a classic 1981 album from Hank Williams Jr and it finds him in great form. This is the album that really turned me into a Hank Jr. fan for life. While punk, new wave, hair metal and MTV were exploding, all of a sudden I discovered "country" thanks to Jr. I had dabbled in listening to some country but Hank made me turn the corner. While Hank was designated country, his attitude screamed rock n roll. My leather clad, spiky hair punk friends agreed and couldn't get enough of him. The songs "country boy" and "all my rowdy friends (have settled down)" are worth buying it for alone but you also get a duet of hank and george jones on "if tomorrow never comes" or how about Hank and Boxcar Willie on "Ramblin' in My Shoes". I dare you to listen to the Ballad of Hank Williams without a smile on your face. The memories this album conjures up for me are amazing. Whenever we had a party we would close it down with All My Rowdy Friends with everyone in a big drunken circle singing along at the top of our lungs . Don't ask me why, we just loved it. The nights we went cruising with the tunes on and switching from Van Halen to this album to The Ramones without missing a heartbeat. It's a testament to Hank Jr that even my harder rocking friends love this "country" album.

All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down)
Ballad of Hank Williams
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move

The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move...It's the Infectious Grooves is the debut album by Infectious Grooves, released in 1991. The Infectious Grooves are a funk metal band led by Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir. Though Muir's sense of humor was often obvious with Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves often brought out a goofier type of humor: their albums contain comedy skits in between songs by a reptilian lover named Aladdin Sarsippius Sulemenagic Jackson the third. The album mixes hyperactive Chili Pepper funk with traditional metal (including an appearance by Ozzy Osbourne on "Therapy") and Suicidal's skatepunk thrash. The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move was and is an unabashed good-time party record. The Infectious Grooves have been on hiatus since the release of their fourth album, 2000's Mas Borracho but Muir has stated that the band is working on new material.

Infectious Grooves
Do the Sinister
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Off Broadway-On

Three years ago I wrote about these guys and I figured enough time has passed that I should update and maybe educate a couple more folks that maybe didn't drop by back then about this great power pop band. If you grew up in the Chicago area, then you've heard of these guys and have probably even seen them perform. Off Broadway was a late-'70s power pop group from Chicago. This band was similar to Cheap Trick with their hopped-up melodies and catchy hooks, but with a little more quirky, almost new wave sort of bent to it. But they were doomed to obscurity because they did not have the personality or the hardness that Cheap Trick did. Opening for heavy metal acts didn't do much for their careers either, putting two different genres of music together is risky at best and metalheads are not particularly fond of powerpop, thus a lot of people never got the chance to hear them. They wrote catchy songs and managed to sell around 200,000 copies of their 1979 debut album, On. They may never have reached the big time but they are remembered quite fondly by power pop enthusiasts such as myself. I saw these guys back in 1981, I think they opened for Nazareth. They had a good set and the music was great, but unfortunately their set was eclipsed by Nazareth. The band slogged it out until 1983 and finally called it quits. I think the many comparisons to Cheap Trick literally killed them.

Four members of the original band got together in the late '90s as Black on Blond and began playing clubs in the Chicago area. Due to audience requests, they began adding Off Broadway material to their set and soon decided to become Off Broadway again. In 1997, the band recorded and released their first record in 17 years, Fallin' In, and followed it with a live set in 1998, Live at Fitzgeralds. I still like these guys and I consider their first album a classic, must have album. In fact if you can find either of their first two albums, you might be pleasantly surprised. Finally I have to say that their first album On has to be one of the most criminally overlooked albums in rock history. 10 great power pop songs dealing with issues that young people really face and catchy as hell. Billing themselves as Off Broadway USA they're still kickin' around the Chicago area playing gigs to their still loyal fans.

Bad Indication
Full Moon Turn My Head Around
Stay in Time
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Glance

First Glance is the seventh studio album by Canadian rockers April Wine, released in December 1978. First Glance became April Wine's first gold record outside Canada, and is credited with bringing "Canada's best kept secret" out into the open. Growing up in the midwest it took a while for these guys to trickle down to the podunk town I lived in, but the second I heard them I think I was their number one fan in the midwest. Being sixteen at the time music had taken a short hiatus in my life as the all important "driver's license" had entered the picture. So I was unaware of this great album until a younger sibling introduced me to it. I was embarrassed enough to not let that happen again.

It had an immediate impact and the first two singles were both successful on Canadian radio. It was the third single, a raucous rocker called "Roller", that brought the band mass appeal across North America. "Roller" started its momentum in Michigan and soon was a popular hit across the U.S., finding its way into the Billboard Top 30 where it stayed for eleven weeks. Constant touring helped propel the band to greater success, as American audiences from coast-to-coast embraced the hard rock of this "new" band from Canada. Incidentally there were two different album covers for this album. The Canadian release had the purple cover and the US release had the band on the front. My guess is they had to deviate from the original Canadian cover because the rest of North America had no idea what these guys looked like so they put a group photo on the cover.

Right Down to It
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Friday, July 17, 2009

If I Weren't So Romantic I'd Shoot You

When he was just 17, Rick Derringer's band The McCoys recorded "Hang on Sloopy" in the summer of 1965, which became the number one song in America before "Yesterday" by The Beatles knocked it out of the top spot.

Derringer also recorded and played with a version of Johnny Winter's band called "Johnny Winter And ..." and both Edgar Winter's White Trash and The Edgar Winter Group. Derringer also had a successful solo career, and his solo version of "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo" was a hit single. He also recorded extensively with Steely Dan, playing lead guitar on songs such as "Show Biz Kids".

In the 1980s, Derringer expanded his producing skills, discovering "Weird Al" Yankovic as well as Mason Ruffner. Rick was "Weird Al" Yankovic's lead guitarist for five years, before being replaced by Jim West.

If I Weren't So Romantic I'd Shoot You came out in 1978. At the time it was released the "Romantic" album was dismissed by a lot of critics as too derivative of punk/new wave but it has stood the test of time and remains as one of my favorite albums of that year. Crammed full of power pop licks and, yes, new wave attitude this is nothing but a great Rock'n'Roll album.

EZ Action
Rocka Rolla
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bricks Are Heavy

Bricks Are Heavy is the third album by the Los Angeles all female band L7, released in April 1992. Although L7 was associated with the horrible "grunge" movement of the 90's. I would heavily disagree with that. Musically the album is heavier and dirtier than the band's previous two recordings or any of the so called grunge artists. While the band retained its punk and hardcore punk roots, there was more emphasis on heavy metal than before. Heavy and dirty it is. The band's name derives from a 1950s slang phrase meaning "square," but is often mistaken for a reference to the sex position, "69". The slang phrase "L7" can be heard in the classic Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs song "Wooly Bully" ("Let's not be L7, come and learn to dance..."), in the Rick James song "Bustin' Out" ("L7- just a little too damn straight..."), and in the Paul McCartney song "C-Moon" ("I could be L7 and I'll never get to heaven if I fill my head with glue").

These girls were rockin nasty and had their share of controversy during their career. Supposedly at the 1992 Reading Festival, Donita Sparks removed her used tampon on-stage and threw it into the crowd yelling "Eat my used tampon, fuckers!" in protest against the mud being thrown by the crowd. Now I wasn't there so I couldn't confirm that as 100% fact but I've read it everywhere. Or how about during a live show in London in 2000, the band offered a one night stand with drummer Dee Plakas as a raffle prize; the winner later claimed his prize of sex with her on the tour bus. Again I'm not sure how to confirm the truthfulness of this as I wasn't the winner of the raffle. My kind of rockin' women.

Pretend We're Dead
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Authentic Pirate Hip Hop

I should save this post for September 19th which is International Talk Like A Pirate Day but I couldn't wait. When I discover something this great homercat has to spread the word. All Props to sammie for making me aware of Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew. Captain Dan and his crew have been around since 2006 and have three albums under their belt. Yes this is a group specializing in pirate-themed hip hop music. Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew combines elements from hip hop music genres such as gangsta rap, nerdcore hip hop, and crunk with Baroque and Classical instrumentation.

Authentic Pirate Hip Hop is the first album by these guys and it covers all of the important aspects of pirate life, from looting and drinking, life on the high seas, threats against rival pirate crews, to wenches and of course, rum. Now my friend Sammie knows that I'm not a big fan of rap music but he told me that I had to hear this and he was right. Their music creates a perfect juxtaposition between the golden age of piracy and the modern age of the gangsta. The beats are great, the lyrics have an intelligent They Might Be Giants-esque quality,(all the pirate slang and nautical terms are used accurately) and if that's not enough- many of the tracks are simply hilarious! Many of you may be thinking I have lost my mind but these guys are awesome and you've got to check them out. Don't let the album cover fool you. I know it features a weak-ass looking pirate wearing $5 worth of Halloween clearance rack pirate gear. Get a gander at these tracks and then track down and buy the album (best bet at It's well worth it and absolutely brilliant.

The 7 Seas
Flintlock Glock

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


From best American group to worst in one post. If you're one of the few juggalos out there then you probably wouldn't classify Insane Clown Posse as the worst American group out there but 99.8 percent of all critics agree that they are the worst. Not being a normal critic I guess I fall into the juggalo category.

Ringmaster is the second studio album by American hip hop duo Insane Clown Posse, released in 1994 by Psychopathic Records. It is the second Joker's Card entry in the group's Dark Carnival saga. The album is meant as "all of your sins and hatred whipped and spun into form, a form that will bring about this dreaded Carnival's visit."

The ICP are about the only rap artists that I can stand to listen to, while most people think they're shitty, especially those who have never heard them. They are the loudest ICP haters. Yep, their overt sexism, inadvertent racism, and rampant juvenalia is right out there in the open and it will offend the casual observer, of course, but that's just what they're looking for. Ringmaster is a much more focused album than their first, Carnival of Carnage. Not to say it's their best but there are several ICP classics here icluding Chicken Huntin', Murder go Round and Mr. Johnson's Head. Not for everybody of course but if you get it and not take it too seriously you too can enjoy ICP. I must admit it's an acquired taste much like Public Image Ltd is.

Chicken Huntin'
House of Mirrors
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Friday, July 03, 2009

Another Birthday eh (or the greatest American band)

After I did all them megaposts about Canada's birthday, it wouldn't be right if I didn't give a shout to our brethren to the south and wish them a happy birthday too. What to do for their birthday? Of course the old compilation album came to mind, but I just didn't have the time to make a list. So I thought about it and decided to coincide the fourth with the greatest American band. Twasn't no picnic because I had about 10 bands that were in the running. But when you pick one based upon how hard they rock it, pop it, ballad it, lyricize it, or generally the all aroundness of a good band it really narrows it down. Then when you're biased it helps. Of course I speak of Cheap Trick.

Really how more Americana can you get than hailing from the midwest or should I say Illinois right smack dab in the middle. In my opinion Cheap Trick is the greatest American band and if you've ever seen them live you know of what I speak. The studio albums do them no justice even if they are excellent. Having just released a new album (which is also available on vinyl and 8 track) they are still alive and kickin' out the jams. There is something about their music that speaks to my very soul. The Cheap Trick getting lost in the whole classic rock shuffle thing baffles me to this very day. Some people only know one or two songs or don't even know they're still rockin' it, which in itself is a crime. Admittedly the Tricksters have had the worst luck in the world with record labels, but still they are way under appreciated. Recently I got the 30th anniv. Live at Budokan set and I gave my extra Live at Budokan album to a 21 yr old kid at work who had never heard of Cheap Trick and it blew him away. He loves it and raves about it often. Anyways for those who may not be familiar with their entire catalogue a few tunes from a couple out of print albums and other obscure stuff. I'm sure some will try to argue with my greatest band moniker but homercat will not bend on this one. Happy fourth neighbours!

Album titles are in bold font

Woke Up With a Monster
Tell Me Everything Great tune and the lyrics are awesome

Standing on the Edge
Cover Girl

The Doctor
Rearview Mirror Romance

Cheap Trick 1997
Baby No More

Special One
My Obsession

One on One
Love's Got a Hold of Me

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

No. 1 In Heaven

After the disappointing sales of Sparks previous two albums (Big Beat and Introducing Sparks), the brothers found themselves at a 'what do we do now?' moment. By 1979 they had tired of the rock band format and determined to take their music in a more electronic direction. They had expressed admiration for Giorgio Moroder, creator of the iconic disco anthem I Feel Love performed by Donna Summer, to a German journalist who turned out to be a friend of his. As a result, they teamed up with Moroder and created No. 1 In Heaven. Their eighth album would not only redefine the Sparks sound but would challenge the concept of what is meant by a band and would be a major influence on emerging electro pop artists. The collaboration produced the duo's best album in years. With only six songs on the album it produced chart hits like "Number One Song in Heaven" and "Beat the Clock". The remaining four cuts are solid album tracks and the Mael brothers prove on songs like "Tryouts for the Human Race" and "Academy Award Performance" that their bizarre songwriting wasn't compromised by working with Moroder. Great Stuff.

The Number One Song In Heaven
Tryouts for the Human Race
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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Oh What a Feeling - Disc #4

Happy Birthday Canucks! In honor of Canada Day here is the final installment of Oh What A Feeling - A Vital Collection of Canadian Music. Homercat's lager of choice for the festivities tonight will either be Pacific Pilsner or Race Rocks. If you're celebrating tonight do it safely and let's not cause too much trouble for the local constables. Canada Eh!

192 kbps

1. Where Does My Heart Beat Now (Celine Dion)
2. Helene (Roch Voisine)
3. Just Wanna Stop (Gino Vannelli)
4. Black Velvet (Alannah Myles)
5. Could I Be Your Girl (Jane Arden)
6. Constant Craving (k.d. Lang)
7. Fare Thee Well Love (The Rankin Family)
8. If You Could Read My Mind (Gordon Lightfoot)
9. Helpless (Neil Young)
10. Sometimes When We Touch (Dan Hill)
11. You Needed Me (Anne Murray)
12. Flying On Your Own (Rita MacNeil)
13. How Many Rivers To Cross (Luba)
14. Try (Blue Rodeo)
15. Showdown At Big Sky (Robbie Robertson)
16. Hold On (Sarah Mclachlan)
17. Superman's Song (Crash Test Dummies)
18. Tears Are Not Enough (Northern Lights)

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