Thursday, December 23, 2010

Seasons Greetings Eh

Good Rockin recently passed it's 7th year mark of bringing you the best of rocking goodness. Homercat doesn't exactly get the goods out on a daily basis, but unlike many other fine music blogs who have closed up shop, he is still around. So it has kind of been a Christmas tradition here to post up a couple of homercat's favourite Christmas songs to close out the year. Those of you who have followed Rockin' for more than a year will be familiar with a couple of these. One of them has been upped every year just in case someone has missed it or for those who have never heard it, because it is my all time favorite Christmas song.

Homercat will be on holidaze for a while. Not sure when we'll be back, probably in the new year. Sometime in the next two weeks I hope to be putting up my top ten list of the best albums of 2010, if I can come up with that many. Thanks to all who have stopped by over the year and here at Good Rockin' we're looking forward to a good 2011.  Be safe and have Happy Holidaze.

It's Christmas Time by Mojo Nixon and the Toadliquors
Christmas Wrapping by The Donnas
Santa's Gonna Kick Your Ass by The Arrogant Worms
Twelve Days of Christmas by Bob and Doug McKenzie

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Sailor's Delight

Sailor's Delight
Back in July I posted a couple of tracks from the debut album by Doug Fieger's first band Sky. Sky's second album, Sailor's Delight, came out in 1971 and was produced by Jimmy Miller with Andy Johns, who as you all should know worked with the Rolling Stones. In fact the same horn section that the Stones used appear on this album as well as pianist Ian Stewart. The album is a solid representation of Fieger's song compositions and pre-Knack efforts; "Let It Lie Low" is a nice bit of pop/rock that foretells what was to come. Keep in mind that Doug was only 18 when this album came out, now that's some solid songwriting for a wee lad. A lot of fans are clamoring for these two rare Sky albums to be remastered and reissued because they're so friggin' hard to find and they offer an insight to the early genius of Doug Fieger. Because of the rarity of this album I once again make an offer to those who wish to hear it in it's entirety, just email the homercat and he'll provide you with a link for this goodie. You can find the email over there in the sidebar under words of wisdom.

Make It Tight
Let It Lie Low

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Special Forces

So I'm at work this morning and I hear on the radio that Alice Cooper is one of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductees for 2011.  Or should I say the Alice Cooper Band, he isn't being inducted for his post 75 work yet.  You know what? It's about damn time. For the last five years I have done many rants about the repeated, year after year snubbings that the voters have handed out to Alice, while other less deserving artists made it into the Hall. Finally this huge oversight has been rectified so I had to post this up today as my tribute to Alice.

Special Forces
Special Forces is the 13th studio album by Alice Cooper, released in 1981. Alice had fallen out of favor when he released this album in 1981 which quickly went nowhere on the charts. That's the only explanation I can think of for it not yielding a handful of hits. This is a peppy, slick, high-energy feel good album with some of Alice's funniest lyrics. The loose theme is some kind of para-military fantasy and the album begins with a helicopter, (which Alice probably lifted from Pink Floyd and then Aldo Nova would steal it yet again a year or so later for Fantasy) dropping the head banging song Who Do You Think We Are into your ears.   Come to think of it, I've heard that darn helicopter in a lot of songs.  This album is probably not at the top of too many Alice Cooper fan's favorites list, but I absolutely love it.  I remember the day when I first listened to this album.  I can't remember if it was me or my old college buddy who first bought it the day it came out but I remember going over to his apartment and we listened to this album all night until we both had pretty much memorized every lyric on the album, even coming up with a little skeleton dance for the song Skeletons in my Closet.

This CD is a pure 80's delight, with sound effects, robotic background vocals, heavy synth use, all mixed with Alice's unique lyrical style create one of the most original CD's in the Cooper catalog. The stand out song, for me, is You're A Movie, which features Alice as a General, who is the reincarnation of Patton, with Hannibal's heart, and Alexander's prowess. It is delightfully smug and condescending and sung in a cocky,deadpan way that is marvelous. After all these years I still laugh out loud everytime I hear it.

A song called "Look At You Over There, Ripping The Sawdust From My Teddybear," was listed on the album packaging, but was removed by Cooper from the album itself before the release, as he felt it didn't fit with the overall theme. It was later released in demo form on the box set The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper, and again in demo form on the 2010 reissue of Special Forces. There is a completed studio version of the song which still remains unreleased. I have added the demo of the song on this one.  I remember wondering what the teddy bear song was all about at the time, was it a hidden backwards track or what the heck does it mean.  Congrats on your induction Alice and here's a couple gems from this least heard Cooper album.

Who Do You Think We Are?
You're A Movie
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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Introducing Sparks

Introducing Sparks
Introducing Sparks is the seventh album by Sparks released in 1977. It was their final release for Columbia records and did not fare any better than their previous effort, Big Beat. This album is another one of those rarities that can be hard to find. Other than it's initial vinyl release, it has been out of print for years. Even though Columbia had released Big Beat on cd it never bothered with this release and for many years it was the only Sparks release to only be available on vinyl and due to its commercial and critical failure, Introducing Sparks faded into obscurity. This was rectified in November 2007, when the album was officially re-released on CD on Sparks own record label; Lil' Beethoven Records. While I think it may still be available on cd one might want to scoop it up before it fades away again. As a Sparks fan I don't really understand why it was received so terribly. Certainly it's not one of their best but it is full of typical Sparks goodness that us fans love. It's also the last Sparks album to feature the 70's Sparks sound as their next album was the dance oriented No 1 Song in Heaven produced by Georgio Moroder.

A Big Surprise
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Thursday, December 02, 2010

These Are the Good Times People

These are the Good Times People
These Are the Good Times People is the fifth album by The Presidents of the United States of America. It was released on March 11, 2008. I sorta touched on this album back in December of 2008 when I gave this album the #2 spot in my top ten albums of 2008. Two years later and it still has heavy rotation on my mp3 player. In fact I was listening to it again today and it urged me to revisit the album here again. These songs have a habit of sticking in your head all day. I absolutely love the upbeat feel and the irreverent lyrics about everyday observances and find myself humming these songs all day long. I love it. Bugs, butterflies, and troglobytes! From the first song to the kick ass final track, there ain't a bad one on this gem. Pure pop genius. A long album title from a group with an even longer name so we shorten it to POTUSA. Actually most people might not even have realized that these guys were still together. The most infectiously fun, hook laden, and can't get those songs out of your head album from the last two years.

Sharpen Up Those Fangs
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Friday, November 26, 2010


The Residents
Felt a need to post something bizarre today what with the bizarre weather we're having on the island this week and the Residents truly fit that bill. These mysterious giant eyeball headed dudes are truly weird. Over the course of a recording career spanning several decades, the Residents have remained a riddle. The band's members have never identified themselves by name, always appearing in public in disguise -- usually tuxedos, top hats and giant eyeball masks -- and refusing to grant media interviews. The Residents, always ones to convert their reality, good or bad, into a purposeful intent, figured out that being obscure gave them the added advantage of not having to please anyone but themselves with their music. Who are these guys?

It is rumoured that the four-member group emigrated to San Francisco, California from Shreveport, Louisiana at some point in the early '70s. Supposedly they picked their name when Warner Bros. mailed back their anonymous demo tape, addressed simply "for the attention of residents." Finding no takers for their oddball sound, the Residents founded their own label, Ralph Records, for the purposes of issuing their 1972 debut "Santa Dog," released in a pressing of 300 copies which were mailed out to luminaries from Frank Zappa to President Richard Nixon. "Santa Dog" stands against everything that the music industry felt was important. It was free.

The Residents released the first ever punk single, "Satisfaction," back in 1976, a full year before the Sex Pistols’ UK release of "God Save the Queen." England’s MOJO Magazine once voted The Residents' Satisfaction as the 74th most important punk single in history. The Residents are credited with "inventing" the form of the music video. Five of their earliest videos are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. They have released over 60 albums as well as a large number of singles, compilations, collaborations, etc. and show no signs of slowing down. One has to wonder how they have managed to retain their anonymity over the years. But whew, some of their stuff is out of this world. I'm a big fan of the 1978 Duck Stab/Buster & Glen album so todays tracks will be coming from that album. This is also one of those albums that I bought way back when based solely on the album cover.  I was thinking this is gotta be some weird stuff and I wasn't disappointed.

Bach is Dead
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Glass Houses

Glass Houses
From 1973 to 1993 Billy Joel was a pure d bonafide hit making machine. In that time frame he released 11 studio albums. Two of those went platinum and the other nine went multi platinum. Pretty impressive numbers. In 1980 Joel released Glass Houses, his seventh studio album, which went on to go 7 times platinum. The album was Joel's attempt to change the pop crooner image that the music press was trying to label him as at the time. The album cover consists of Joel poised to throw a rock through the big two story window of his real life modern waterfront glass house in Oyster Bay. Which is an obvious statement to the press saying hey I'm about to shatter your labels of me right now. He does it in a brilliant way, I might add. This album has everything one could want in a rock n roll album. As I was transferring this from vinyl and listening to it from start to finish for the first time in a long time, I was once again floored at how good and irrestibly catchy the songs are. I think any one of these songs could have been a top 10 hit, as it was 5 of the songs were released as singles and Joel won a well deserved grammy award for the album.

Sometimes a Fantasy
Sleeping With the Television On
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Ba Fa

Ba Fa
Ba Fa is the fourth studio album by The Hudson Brothers released in 1975.  I wrote an extensive piece on the brothers when I posted about their greatest hits album three years ago. If you missed it you can catch it here. I just mention that because I don't think I need to go over their history again since homercat has already been down that road . Perchance I may be one of the few who remembers and actually watched their Saturday morning show called The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show back in 74 and 75. Ba Fa contains a generous helping of pure pop music which was produced by none other than Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Containing the top 30 hit Rendezvous, Ba Fa was their most successful album with shades of the Beach Boys and the Beatles on this platter. The album is a pop masterpiece and I've read some critics reviews even describing it as a groundbreaking record. Of course all the Brothers albums are out of print now and it takes a lucky trip to the used record store to track down one of their gems.  Thus homercat provides another rarity for the masses.  Enjoy.

Spinning the Wheel
Lonely School Year
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dead Ringer

In the year after the mega success of Meat Loaf's debut album, Bat Out of Hell, the meatster totally lost his voice due to a combination of touring, drugs and exhaustion. That was 1978. That same year songwriter Jim Steinman started to work on Bad for Good, the album that was supposed to be the follow-up to 1977's Bat out of Hell. Without a singer, and pressured by the record company, Steinman decided that he should sing on Bad for Good himself. Meanwhile, after playing the role of Travis Redfish in the movie Roadie (which had cameos by Debbie Harry, Roy Orbison and Hank Williams, Jr.), Meat Loaf got his voice back, got off drugs, played softball, and started to work on his new album in 1980. Steinman wrote and arranged all of the songs, which eventually became Dead Ringer. The album was produced by Meat Loaf and Stephan Galfas, with backing tracks produced by Jimmy Iovine and Jim Steinman. So in essence, Dead Ringer was the real "Bat Out of Hell II. The title track features a perfectly cast Cher as duet singer with the Meat. Although not nearly as successful as Bat, I find this follow up extremely satisfying and consider the song Read em and Weep simply brilliant.  Yet that song nor the album barely found an audience which is a real head scratcher to me.  Two years later Barry Manilow would release Read em and Weep as a single that went to #18 on the charts.  Then again Steinman has a real knack of writing songs that are 7 minutes or more long and this album was no exception. 

More Than You Deserve
Read Em and Weep
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Monday, November 15, 2010


Can You say rare, hard to find and pretty darn good. That describes the 1979 album Elevator by The Rollers. Having replaced longtime lead singer Les McKeown with Duncan Faure, the Bay City Rollers shortened their name to simply The Rollers, and pursued a more rocking, power-pop sound than their previous work. Now if you look at the cover you can probably tell you're going to get something a little different than you were previously used to, judging by the big pill in the elevator. Yes the Bay City Rollers grew up and the grown up sound could be described as Cheap Trick and The Beatles filtered through late-'70s Electric Light Orchestra. I know a good many Rollers fans who will tell you that this is their favorite album. Lots of drug, sex and confessions of the crashing of rock 'n' roll dreams references. Definitely a more mature sound, from the opening track of Stoned Houses pt 1 which then rips right into the second kick ass track Elevator the album is solid. I've had people say to me that no way is Elevator a Rollers song, they thought I was pulling their leg. Elevator stands as perhaps the most convincingly musical of all the band's albums. Trouser Press magazine even compared it to the Beatles' Rubber Soul album. That might be pushing the envelope a wee bit, but still the band had shrugged off the teeny sound of yesteryear with very satisfying results. I implore you to check this one out if you can find it.  I think it's available on cd as an import.

Turn On the Radio
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Nightflight to Venus

Boney M. is a disco group created by German record producer Frank Farian. Originally based in West Germany, the four original members of the group's official line-up were Jamaicans Liz Mitchell and Marcia Barrett, Maizie Williams from Montserrat and Bobby Farrell from Aruba. The group was formed in 1975 and achieved popularity during the disco era of the late 1970s. Of course the name Frank Farian may be familiar to some of you as he was the brainchild of the ill fated lip synching duo Milli Vanilli. It's funny that he employed the same technique with Boney M as only 1 or two of the performers actually sang on the albums. It was basically all Farian. It seemed that audiences didn't care about that kind of stuff in the 70's. Boney M's biggest year came in 1978 with the release of Nightflight to Venus. It was their third album and it became a major success in continental Europe, Scandinavia, and Canada, topping most of the album charts during the second half of 1978.  In fact the only other disco album that rivaled this one was the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever, I believe Venus sold over 10 million copies that year.  Most of you are probably familiar with the track, Rasputin.
There were four different pressings of the original vinyl LP, all with slightly altered edits of the tracks. These tracks are from my vinyl rip and I don't know of which pressing they happen to be from. While many compilations and remix edions of Boney M's music have made it to cd this original album never made the transition until a year or so ago.

Rivers Of Babylon
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Busted is the 11th studio album by Cheap Trick, which was released in 1990 and peaked at #44 on the US album charts. After the success of Lap of Luxury with the single The Flame, the tricksters were allowed more creative control and unlike Lap of Luxury, professional songwriters were only used on a couple of songs . Again a conundrum ensues, a much better album than the song factory writing of Lap of Luxury, especially with the single "Can't Stop Fallin' Into Love" peaking at #12 on the US charts. When the tricksters write their own material they are at their best, yet the album wasn't as successful as Epic had wanted (c'mon a #12 single wasn't good enough?), and about a year after the release of Busted Epic Records dropped Cheap Trick from their label. If you're a Trick fan like me then you know Cheap Trick has had horrid luck with their record labels over the years. A damn crying shame for one of the best rock n roll bands in the world. Physical copies of the album have been out of print for several years (with the exception of Japan), but it was supposedly set to be re-released this year in the US along with the previous album Lap of Luxury in a 2-CD set. Haven't seen it yet. Yeah it really irks me to see Lap of Luxury gets better reviews and ratings than this album.  Even saying that, there really is no such thing as a bad Cheap Trick album.

Rock and Roll Tonight
If You Need Me
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Monday, November 08, 2010


Roadie Soundtrack
Roadie is a 1980 film directed by Alan Rudolph about a truck driver who becomes a roadie for a traveling rock and roll show. The film stars Meat Loaf as Travis C Redfish, driver for Shiner beer who meets Lola falls for her even though she's a groupie who is on her way to give herself to Alice Cooper. Along the way it turns out that the Loaf is an awesome Roadie and a wiz at setting up stuff.  There are cameo appearances by musicians such as Roy Orbison, Hank Williams Jr., Blondie and Alice Cooper. The soundtrack is a bugger to find and is one of those gems that never made the transition to cd. A double album set that contains some rare tracks, most notably the track by Sue Saad and the Next which is uber rare. One look at the song list and you can see music from one end of the spectrum to the other. It's been ages since I've seen this film but I remember enjoying it at the time especially the scenes with Alice Cooper. Rare soundtrack that's got some purty good tunes and I'm going to put up the Sue Saad track.

Double Yellow Line by Sue Saad and the Next
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Friday, November 05, 2010

Sparks In Outer Space

Sparks in Outer Space

Sparks' third album of the 1980s, 'Sparks In Outer Space', is a major improvement over its two predecessors . Certainly not their best album, this is probably Sparks' simplest sounding album ever - however the robotic simplicity is what makes this album so great. The brilliance of 'Sparks In Outer Space' lies in its uncomplicated, catchy songs, tasty melodies, and general danceable fun. The songs are quirky. Their rhyme, rhythm and repetition makes for a highly motivating, revitalizing listening experience. Jane Wiedlin, guitarist for the Go-Go's, features on two of the tracks, 'Cool Places' and 'Lucky You, Lucky Me'.

You should ensure that your CD collection includes this classic Sparks album. Nearly every song on this album is a Sparks gem. Although totally different in theme, the songs on this album have one thing in common: a simple but superb use of catchy vocal hooks, superb melodies, daft lyrics and a highly compelling beat.  Outer Space is one of my favorite albums because it's so damn fun to listen to. My roommates and I managed to destroy 3 vinyl copies of it because we played the piss out of it, especially at parties where a beer or two eventually ended up getting spilled on it.  A great 80's pop album, a snapshot of the time so to speak.  Since Sparks tends to be a love them or hate them band, this albums remains one of the most accessible Sparks albums for the casual listener. 'Outer Space' rocks, and listening to it brings back many fond memories of homercat's younger days.

I Wish I Looked a Little Better
Rockin' Girls
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Elvira Presents Monster Hits

It's amazing what you can find at your favorite thrift store when you least expect it. I always hope to find some kind of treasure and my last visit was very productive. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark gained fame on Los Angeles television station KHJ wearing a black, gothic, cleavage-enhancing gown as host of Movie Macabre, a weekly horror movie presentation. The rest as they say is history. In the 80's and early 90's Elvira was everywhere and I for one did not complain a bit. In 1987 Elvira becomes the national spokesperson for Coor's Beer, making her the first female celebrity ever to endorse a beer product. In 1989 she became the spokesperson for Mug root beer. What I find funny is that even though she did a long-running series of Halloween-themed TV ads for Coors Light Beer and Mug Root Beer, her trademark cleavage was covered up for the beer commercials. ??? My how times change.

Elvira Presents Monster Hits was released in 1994 on CD and cassette. A too short but sweet 9 track set presented by the Mistress of the Dark. On two tracks she actually tries her hand at singing. On one track she duets with B-52's frontman Fred Schneider on the so-goofy-it's-great "Here Comes the Bride of Frankenstein" and even tries her hand at hip-hop on the pretty cool "Monsta Rap", a nice little ride through the monsters of the day. Maybe one of my favorite lines ever with "Freddy Krueger gives good glove." Of course it's out of print with copies going for 5 to 30 dollars, if you can find one. As synonymous with Halloween as Santa Claus is with Christmas, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark has carved out a niche in popular American culture that is sure to endure for decades to come.

Monsta Rap
Here Comes the Bride of Frankenstein

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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Mythology of Steven Part 2,5

Might as well stick with the Steven theme.

Love it to Death is the third album by the Alice Cooper Band released in 1971. This album gets a brief mention of Steven. Although he isn't referenced at all here, the song “The Ballad of Dwight Fry” can be seen as a “predecessor” to Steven. According to Alice Cooper, this song was the one that gave him the idea to invent the character of Steven. Cooper's first two albums were pretty much considered "failed" albums at the time. This was the album that brought the Alice Cooper band into the mainstream. Much credit is generally given to producer Bob Ezrin, cleaning up the band's sound with fresh ideas and making it more accessible than the previous psychedelic type albums.

The album cover caused much controversy at the time of its release. Early pressings show Cooper's thumb sticking out of his pants, thus giving the illusion of a penis. This led Warner Brothers to censor it (four different versions of the front cover exist on LP). Alice Cooper's thumb along with his right arm is clearly airbrushed out on censored versions. I have posted the original uncensored version below. In 2003, the album was ranked number 460 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

The Ballad of Dwight Fry
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Goes To Hell

Being that Alice Cooper (and his original band)has finally been nominated for the rock n roll Hall of Fame for the 2011 ceremony it will only be fitting to talk about the Coop this month. Whether he actually makes it in remains to be seen. He is going up against Chic, Bon Jovi, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Neil Diamond and Tom Waits Just to name a few. He's been eligible since 1995 so that makes 15 years of being snubbed so that the likes of Madonna and her ilk could be inducted. I imagine Chic , beasties and ll cool j will be shoo ins, if past history is any indication and the Coop is likely to be snubbed again. As most of you know Alice Cooper's career spans more than four decades. Cooper has drawn equally from horror movies, vaudeville, and garage rock to pioneer a grandly theatrical and violent brand of heavy metal that was designed to shock (like chopping up bloody baby dolls). The first shock rocker so to speak. In the seventies politicians and pressure groups tried to ban the Alice Cooper band's shocking act which only served to fuel the fire, making the Alice Cooper band even more famous.

Last year in October I talked about Alice's fictional character Steven, who we were introduced to on his classic Welcome to my Nightmare album. I Talked about several albums where Steven made his appearances. Alice Cooper Goes to Hell is another concept album which came out in 1976, a year after the Nightmare in which Steven sort of makes an appearance. Now this story is not really about Steven but on the albums original liner notes on the inner sleeve we have this little text.

“Lay still, Steven, and I'll tell you a bedtime story. I'll tell you a bedtime story that's not for all children. It's a very special story, that only special children will understand. It's a half-awake story, and it will be better if you close your eyes. It's a story that takes place in a dream, like other nightmares you have known. It's a dream that Alice has dreamed. You can dream along with him. You can follow Alice down the staircase, deep, down the stairs to the pit where he doesn't want to go, but he has to. If you go to sleep now, Steven, you can go down the long and endless stairway and sing sweet songs to Alice and free him. And if you can't get to sleep, Steven, and in the middle of the night you get out of bed, when everything is quiet and the trees are still and the birds are hiding from the dark, you can lie down on your bedroom floor and press your ear tightly to the boards. If you listen very carefully you can hear Alice searching for a way out, forever chasing rainbows. Sleep tight, Steven. And have a good night.”

Most fans think the storyline is about Alice himself and Steven is the one listening to this bedtime story, who is telling the story to Steven is not entirely clear and is open to conjecture. The story seems to go like this, Alice is sentenced to go to Hell (“Go to Hell”). Hell is symbolized by Disco music (“You gotta dance”). In Hell, Alice meets the Devil (“I’m the Coolest”) and realizes that he has met him before (“Didn’t We Meet” possibly a reference to the Nightmare album). “I Never Cry” deals with Alice’s real alcohol problems and in “Give the Kid a Break” Alice pleads to the Devil to let him go. In “Guilty” Alice says that if doing rock n’ roll dooms him to eternal Hell, than it’s worth it and he is guilty because he loves rock n’ roll. “Wake Me Gently” is a song that connects to the Welcome to My Nightmare-theme, where Alice thinks that everything is a nightmare, and wants to wake up. In “Wish You Where Here” Alice makes a phone call from Hell to his girlfriend. In the song “Going Home” he is indeed finally going home, escaping Hell. There are some parts of the album where the Steven and the Alice Cooper character seem to be the same person which is another discussion altogether. So to sum it all up this album is not an "official" Steven album but it bears mentioning in the whole Steven storyline.

Go To Hell
I'm the Coolest
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


 My friend over at Got the Fever had a request for Joan's version of Season of the Witch and I thought that would be a great choice and it goes well with Halloween.

When it gets really hot out, a lot of us try to get as close to Naked as possible, without being too obscene.   Being it's October most of us don't have to worry about getting too hot, but then Joan is always hot.  This Naked is an album released only in Japan by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts in 2004. Ten of the songs here would eventually surface in 2006 on her Sinner album. Some of the songs were reworked for the 2006 release and a couple songs had appeared on some earlier releases, most notably Fetish. Needless to say this is a must have for Joan Jett completests such as myself and can be quite the dickens to find. The only collection I know of that has her recording of Science Fiction Double Feature from her stint in the Rocky Horror Picture Show which is alone worth the purchase price, then there's also the requested track Season of the Witch.

Season of the Witch
Science Fiction Double Feature
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Friday, October 08, 2010

Halloween Party Music

October is here and homercat has decided to get a jump on Halloween with these selections of Halloween  party tunes. For now It's mix party disc time. I'm putting this up again because this is a mix I made for a friend at work last year and I also posted this last year.  There are a couple of new additions from last years mix but it is very similar. I'm putting this up today because It won't be much use for a party if I wait until the day of Halloween. This way if you are hosting a party you might want to use some of these. I burned this as a mp3 disc but one could always break it up into regular cd's if so inclined. I know it has mostly already been featured but maybe you didn't grab it and you want some of these others. Then maybe you'll listen to the ones you didn't get and think hey I kinda like that. Homercat really enjoys putting Halloween posts together for his favourite holiday and I hope y'all will enjoy this. Future busy schedule may prevent me from delving into further October ghoulishness but we'll see.

Artist /Title
1 Peter Gabriel /Intruder
2 John Carpenter /Halloween Theme - Main Title
3 Voltaire /Worf's Revenge (Klingon Rap)
4 The Timelords/ Doctorin' the Tardis [12" Mix]
5 Charles Bernstein/ Main Title Nightmare on Elm Street
6 The Cramps /Surfin' Dead
7 Zombina and the Skeletones /Braindead
8 David Bowie /Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
9 Warren Zevon /Werewolves Of London
10 Alice Cooper/ Skeletons In The Closet
11 Blue Öyster Cult /Godzilla
12 Bloodrock / D.O.A.
13 The Presidents Of The United States Of America/ Ghosts Are Everywhere
14 HorrorPops /Walk Like A Zombie
15 Voltaire /BRAINS!
16 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts /Season Of The Witch
17 Bill Wyman /Spooky
18 Total Coelo /I Eat Cannibals (Extended 12'' Dance Mix)
19 Oingo Boingo /Dead Man's Party
20 Intro Song (Trioxin Mix)/Return of the Living Dead Soundtrack
21 Mike Oldfield /Tubular Bells remix
22 Zombina And The Skeletones /Dracula's Tango
23 Alice Cooper /Keepin' Halloween Alive
24 Fred Schneider /Monster
25 Alice Cooper /Former Lee Warmer
26 Voltaire /Zombie Prostitute
27 Rob Zombie /Everybody Scream (Rob Zombie)
28 Zombina And The Skeletones /Monster Mash
29 45 Grave /Partytime (Zombie Version)
30 Nick Cave /Red Right Hand
31 The Ramones /Pet Sematary
32 Alice Cooper/ Steven
33 Zombie Nation /Zombi
34 Insane Clown Posse /Boogie Woogie Wu
35 Gary Numan /I Can't Breathe
36 Brownsville Station /The Martian Boogie
37 The B-52's /Planet Claire
38 Fat Boys / Are you ready for Freddy
39 Ennio Morricone / Humanity (Movie Version from The Thing)

Copy and Paste this link into your browser to download
Tracks 1-19
Tracks 20-39

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Solo in Soho

Phil Lynott was an Irish singer, bassist, musician, songwriter and poet who first came to prominence as the frontman of Thin Lizzy. He released two solo albums and also formed and fronted the band Grand Slam, right up until his death on 4 January 1986. He was 36 years old. Solo in Soho is his first solo album, released while he was still in Thin Lizzy. Current and former Lizzy members guested on the album as well as Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler who plays on King's Call, a lament to Elvis Presley. Unfortunately Lynott's last years were dogged by drug and alcohol dependency leading to his collapse on the night of 25 December 1985 at his home. After his estranged wife Caroline drove him to a drug clinic in East Knoyle, he was taken to Salisbury Infirmary where he was diagnosed as suffering from a kidney and liver infection. He died of heart failure and pneumonia in the hospital's intensive care unit on 4 January 1986 at the way too young age of 36. Love this album, if you've never heard it I highly recommend it. I almost like it better than Jailbreak, almost.

Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
Tattoo (Giving It All Up for Love)
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome to the Rodeo

Being it's Friday I should post up something fun and rare.  A little true western canadiana at it's finest in the form of Showdown. Possibly no other group captures the true spirit of Alberta like Showdown (not to be confused with the southern metal Christian rock band from the states).  Now if you're Canadian you already know that these guys are famous for their rendition of the Rodeo Song. If you've never heard this song then stop reading and start downloading. Now I can't say that I know all that much about Showdown other than coming from Medicine Hat or Le Duc, Alberta. The only thing I could find was this humorous bio. Found this album at a thrift store for a quarter. Sometimes people don't know what they have. Welcome to the Rodeo came out in 1980 and with "The Rodeo Song", the band gained instant notoriety. Though the album jacket praises the song for being a future classic, right below it is a warning for radio DJ's not to play it. Despite the warnings on the album jacket, stations across the province simply played a 'bleeped out' version, and let the listeners decide for themselves what might rhyme with truck. You'll have a hard time finding this out of print album laying around out there so happy weekend all and Welcome to the Rodeo.

The Rodeo Song
Dueling Banjos

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Friday, September 10, 2010

B-Sides and Rarities

Before Kenny Rogers sang about Lucille and the Gambler, he fronted a band called the First Edition. Kenny Rogers and the First Edition's debut release was the psychedelic song "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)," which reached No. 5 in 1968. In the summer of 1969, they had their second Top Ten hit, "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town". This hit started the band in a folksy direction and that's all I'm gonna say about Kenny because this post is about Cake.

It's about Cake because they do a killer version of "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town". When I first heard Cake back in 1996 I was blown away by the bands style. I loved how they blended hip-hop, country, new wave pop, jazz, and guitar rock into their songs. The speak-singing dead pan vocal style of frontman John McCrea made me a bigger fan. For some reason critics just love to hate this band and called them one hit wonders when The Distance came out. If you ask me Fashion Nugget is a brilliant piece of work. Many years later Cake is still around, much to the chagrin of the critics. But I digress.

I'm not sure when they actually recorded Ruby, as I had accidentally stumbled across a bad rip of it many years ago in some fan forum or someplace. Can't quite remember.  Imagine my delight when Cake released this B-Sides and Rarities album in 2007 to find a better quality version of the song, finally. In fact the album contains absolute genius versions of War Pigs and Mahna Mahna.  This collection of tunes may only be of interest to hardcore Cake fans such as myself but the three songs I have mentioned are worth the purchase price alone. Unfortunately the liner notes did not give us a clue to when the songs here were recorded. It has been said that a new studio album is currently in the works, due to be released in the autumn of 2010. Currently untitled, John McCrea describes the album's sound as "very different" from previous CAKE records, also indicating that he will be playing piano much more than usual. Obviously it is autumn and there is still now word about the new album. Until then enjoy these killer covers.

War Pigs
Mahna Mahna
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town
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Friday, September 03, 2010


The Return of the homercat, yep he's back from vacasheeohne.  So Just a few words before I get on with today's feature. I hope My K-Tel post kept some of you entertained while I was in cowboy country. Now get this, apparently someone complained about one of my links and it was taken down. It was by a group that released only 1 album 30 years ago. It was only ever available on vinyl, it never made it to cd and is still woefully out of print. It was an album I put up here because of it's out of print status.  A forgotten classic by a forgotten band and someone complained to the "authorities" and the file host took it down. See I just don't get that. It's not available anywhere not even itunes. The only people making money off of this particular album are used vinyl dealers who are charging an exorbitant price for it.  So as far as I'm concerned that particular album and group can fade to obscurity to the point where no one will ever remember them or even have a chance to know them. It just irks me, if you don't want it posted  then make it available for people to buy.

Smokie is an English rock band from Bradford, Yorkshire who found success in Europe in the 1970s. They range from country to glam rock, sometimes reminiscent of Slade. Oh where to start with this band, the history is long and confusing. The band formed in 1964 and was originally called The Yen, after about 20 name changes and several personnel changes they finally were renamed Smokey and in late 1974 recordings sessions for their debut album commenced. In 1975 Smokey  released their second album and this LP sounded much softer than the debut, contained string arrangements on some songs, and heavily leaned toward acoustic guitar arrangements with close harmony vocals, which became their signature sound. The first single from the new album, "If You Think You Know How to Love Me", quickly became a big hit in many European countries, peaking at No. 3 in Britain, and won Smokey a wider audience. Just in time for Smokey Robinson to get his panties in a twist and threaten a lawsuit against the band for their name. Can anyone say another name change, albeit small, to Smokie. When their single "Living Next Door to Alice" was released in November 1976, it quickly became the group's biggest hit. Towards the end of the seventies they had almost run their course yet continued to slog along and record albums. However, Smokie made a surprise return to the UK singles chart in 1995, with one of the most unlikely hits of the year - a duet with controversial  comedian Roy Chubby Brown. After a re release of "Alice" had reached number 3, the band noticed that, whilst touring in Ireland, whenever they sang the main line "For 24 years/I've been living next door to Alice" the audience would shout "Who the fuck is Alice?". So after a re recording, Smokie now holds the record as the first group to get a record in the Top Ten with the word "fuck" in it. Unfortunately shortly after the new version of the song was recorded Smokie's tour bus careened off of the road during a hailstorm in Germany. Vocalist Alan Barton (who had replaced Chris Norman) was badly injured and died after five days in intensive care. The rest of the band agreed to donate their royalties from the song to Barton's first wife. I think these guys are hugely underappreciated and their stuff has been a little difficult  for me to find, other than these compilation albums. Todays cut come from this greatest hits album but it didn't contain the re recorded version of "Alice". It just so happened that I did have it so I threw it in there next to the original version.

Living Next Door to Alice
Who the Fuck is Alice?!
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Music Power

Since I am still on vacation I'm putting this up ahead of time and am heaping on some  K-Tel action with 22  original hits on Music Power released sometime in 1973, I think. It seems that the years from 73 to 78 were the most prolific for the K records especially since a lot of these discs I've been putting up are from 73. I believe that AM radio was still king at the time and there didn't seem to be specialty stations like there is now. There was such a diverse amount of music being played on AM back then. A station might play a Tony Orlando and Dawn song and the next song would be from the Edgar Winter Group. FM was still in it's infancy waiting to grow up and kick AM radio's butt with it's format specialization. Those days are gone but has a bunch of these these slabs of vinyl to remind us of what it was like. Enjoy and homercat be back soon.

320 kbps

Artist- Title
Olivia Newton-John- Let Me Be There
Dan Goodwin- This is Your Song
Dawn (featuring Tony Orlando)- Who's in the Strawberry Patch with Sally
Bill Amesbury- Virginia
DeFranco Family- Abra-ca-dabra
Gladys Knight and the Pips- I've Got to Use My Imagination
Crowbar- Million Dollar Weekend
The Incredible Bongo Band- Let There Be Drums
The Edgar Winter Group- Free Ride
Lisle- Shelley Made Me Smile
Al Wilson- Show and Tell
Love Unlimited Orchestra- Love's Theme
Mocedades- Eres Tu (Touch the Wind)
Kool and the Gang- Jungle Boogie
Lighthouse- Can You Feel It
Looking Glass- Jimmy Loves Mary Anne
Ken Tobias- Fly Me High
Abrahams's Children- Goddess of Nature
Gary & Dave- Could You Ever Love Me Again
Helen Reddy- One Way Ticket
Rod Stewart- Oh No Not My Baby
Barry White- Never, Never Gonna Give You Up

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer

It's that time of year again. The cat is fixin to head off to Alberta for some much needed R and R. Figurin' since I'm headed for cowboy country it would only be fitting that I should put up some music from native Albertan Corb Lund. Especially since where we're headed is the same area where he was born and raised.

Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer is the fourth album by Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans, released in 2005. The album was certified gold and named Album of the Year by the Canadian Country Music Association in 2006. From songs like ‘Truck Got Stuck’, a story about a bunch of farmers getting stuck in the mud after a huge rainfall, to the song ‘Hurtin Albertan’ whose chorus sings ‘I’m a Hurtin Albertan with nothing more to lose, too much oil money not enough booze’, Lund writes songs Albertans and Canadians can laugh about in their honesty. A great album full of hooks you will be humming all day. Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans boast 22 awards, including Canadian Country Music Association Awards for 2008 Roots Artist of the Year and Juno Awards 2006 Roots and Traditional Album of the Year. They also have been nominated for many other awards, mostly within Canada. Though Corb is gaining recognition down south this is a good example of another Canadian release that needs more yankee exposure.

Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer
Hurtin' Albertan
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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Best of British Rock

We watched the movie Pirate Radio earlier this week and I have to say that if you haven't seen it, you should run out and rent it because it's an awesome movie. If you love music as I do then you've got to see this movie. One of the best we've seen in a while. So this movie got me to thinking that I had an old Brit Rock album stashed away in my collection. I found it and upon examination it's one of those as advertised on TV albums. The Best of British Rock is not a K-Tel album but it is from the same era and as you can see from the cover, $6.99 for this 2 record set. It's a Capitol Special Market product and I don't have a clue what year it came out as I couldn't find a date on it anywhere. I would guess early seventies. I was inspired by the awesome soundtrack from Pirate Radio to rip this and upload it for my 9 readers.

320 kbps

Artist- Title
The Bee Gees- How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
Gerry & the Pacemakers- Ferry Cross the Mersey
Hollies- Bus Stop
The Seekers- Georgy Girl
Chad & Jeremy- A Summer Song
Dave Clark Five- Glad All Over
Freddie & the Dreamers- I'm Telling You Now
Manfred Mann- Do Wah Diddy Diddy
Billy J Kramer- Trains and Boats and Planes
Cliff Richard- It's All in the Game
Peter & Gordon- I Go To Pieces

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Artist- Title
Gerry & the Pacemakers- Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
Peter & Gordon- A World Without Love
The Bee Gees- I Started A Joke
Swinging Blue Jeans- Hippy Hippy Shake
Chad & Jeremy- Willow Weep For Me
The Seekers- I'll Never Find Another You
Cream- Sunshine of Your Love
Dave Clark Five- Bits and Pieces
Hollies- Stop Stop Stop
Billy J Kramer- Do You Want to Know a Secret
Walker Brothers- The sun Ain't Gonna Shine (anymore)

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Friday, August 13, 2010


Don't you love to listen to music when you can tell the artist is having a ball making the recording. As I was thinking of the old days when MTV used to play videos, I got to thinking about the original VJ's and Martha Quinn popped into my head. Then a song about Martha Quinn called Stuffin' Martha's Muffin by the one and only Mojo Nixon. Mojo was a darling of the early MTV. Until he wrote a song that dissed MTV.(maybe it was that Martha song). Then he was banned from their high falutin TV channel. Now that high falutin' music TV channel is a piece of garbage that hardly has anything to do with music and Mojo is still priceless.

Think of Mojo as a real working class guy. Telling it like it really is. Kinda like Bruce Springsteen without the stick up his ass. I loved Mojo and I am still eagerly waiting for his comeback. If ever music needed Mojo it's now. Hillbilly, rockabilly, politically incorrect and a musician that really speaks his mind and doesn't give a flying fuck what anyone thinks. Yeah, gotta love that. We need that now.

I have done several posts about Mojo over the years just cause you gotta love the scoundrel.  I guess I'm making it my mission to make sure that the word of Mojo gets spread. otis
Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper wound up cutting ties in late 1989; Nixon wanted to form a full backing band, while Roper left the touring life to pursue a solo career that resulted in two albums for Triple X. For his first solo album, Nixon assembled an all-star cowpunk band featuring Country Dick Montana (Beat Farmers), John Doe (X), Eric Ambel (Del Lords), and Bill Davis (Dash Rip Rock). The result, Otis, was released in 1990 and caused a stir with the notorious "Don Henley Must Die," a rip on the Eagles frontman turned solo artist. (Two years later, the initially offended Henley shocked Nixon by climbing on-stage in Austin, TX, to perform the song with him; Nixon subsequently called off his fatwa.)  For fans of good old in-your-face iconoclastic rock that doesn't take itself too seriously, this will fill the bill.  Now I did talk about this album a couple of years ago and even offered a download of the whole album but you gotta keep it out there for the people and maybe have them running around trying to track down this out of print gem. Mojo is Mark Twain, Lou Reed, Hunter S. Thompson, Frank Zappa and Howlin' Wolf rolled up into one big burrito and dosed with LSD. For you youngsters just discovering Mojo, start with any Mojo album really, then proceed to ask yourself why there isn't anybody else these days with the same mad rage making music.

Ain't High Falutin'
Rabies Baby

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Friday, August 06, 2010

Lights Out

Peter Wolf ditched the J. Geils Band in 1983 because co-leader Seth Justman turned down a batch of new songs Wolf had written with some other guys, he made the most of it and released the great Lights Out album in 1984. Boasting a huge hit single, the bouncing, machine funk monster title track, and a whole buttload of catchy, candy coated' '80s power pop, the album is one of the hidden gems of the era and sadly out of print. Peter put together an eclectic ensemble to create the record. The album was engineered by Ed Stasium, who produced most of the Ramones' recordings. The musicians involved ranged from hiphop pioneers to marquee name rockers, including, Mick Jagger, Elliot Easton of the Cars, Adrian Belew, G.E. Smith, members of the P-Funk Horns, Yogi Horton, Maurice Starr, and Michael Jonzun, leader of the Jonzun Crew.

Wolf found himself a little success and the J geils Band totally tanked when he left. It amazes me how damn good this album is and how damn hard it is to find now. This is an ear-candy full, melodic record that, darn it, is just great fun to listen to. It is one of those masterpieces that deserves the re-released remastered treatment and those fat cat record execs sit in their golden palaces with their thumbs up their butt ignoring this little gem.

I Need You Tonight
You can buy it here if you're willing to fork out some crazy cash. Prices range from 140 to 300 dollars, or you can ask the homercat for a copy because someone's gettin rich and it ain't Peter Wolf or the record company.

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