Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love Crimes

Harlequin is a Canadian rock band that formed in Winnipeg in 1975 and lasted until the mid-1980s. In 2004, the band reformed briefly as Harlequin II. In 2008 the band resurfaced as just Harlequin again and released a live album in 2009.

Their second album, Love Crimes, came out in 1980, and went on to go Platinum, powered in part by Harlequin's biggest hit to date 'Innocence." Another track, "Thinking of You" became a staple of rock radio, and a highlight of the live show. This album is very much out of print and I have seen prices for this album range from 75 to 125 dollars. It baffles me that titles such as this one are unavailable in a century where everything is available. All their records showed a lot of promise and I believe they deserved better than obscurity. Perhaps being labeled as nice guy rock back in the day gave them a bad rep. Over the holidays I was lucky enough to come across a vinyl copy of this album in very good condition at a Salvation Army store where I only paid 75 cents. That my friends is a great deal for a great album. And finally, coming sometime this week, homercat's top ten of 2009.

Love on the Rocks
Heaven (Dial 999)
out of print

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