Saturday, January 30, 2010

Song of Joy

Captain & Tennille are American pop music recording artists who achieved chart success from 1975–80 with a buttload of hit pop songs. The duo consists of "Captain" Daryl Dragon, and Toni Tennille. They are probably best known for their singles, "Love Will Keep Us Together" and "Do That to Me One More Time," as well as their television variety series which appeared on the ABC network in the 1976–77 season. Song of Joy was the second album released by Captain & Tennille in 1976 which yielded two hit singles. During their heyday Toni did a lot of session work for prominent artists of the day, most notably work she did on three Elton John albums and particularly on one big hit called Don't Let the Sun go Down on Me. Also you may want to check the liner notes for Pink Floyd's The Wall album and you'll see Toni's name listed there for backing vocals on that album. Yeah I know it surprised me too. Toni and Daryl got married in Virginia City Nevada back in 1975 and it seems that love has kept them together all these years. In fact hey were married in the 'Silver Queen Saloon', wedding chapel, & they renewed their vows in the same chapel in 1995. According to Toni's blog, The Captain had been having problems with a tremor in his left hand and he was finally diagnosed with Parkinson's disease back in November. It is a very slow progressing type..... more emphasis on the tremor and less on the rigidity, stiffness and bradykenisia (slow movements). We wish you the best of luck Daryl.

Lonely Night (Angel Face)
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