Saturday, February 06, 2010

Steel Breeze

Steel Breeze is a group from California that had a popular video on MTV with "You Don't Want Me Anymore" in 1982. One may ask how did I come to pick this dusty old gem from the attic? Mrs. homercat is a music lover like myself, yet she claims to absolutely hate 80's music. What with all the synths and stuff. She says 80's music chased her over to country music until "real" rock n roll returned in the 90's. So imagine my surprise when I was going through her cache of vinyl albums and there it was. An album that combined all the trends of the day, one I may add that she actually purchased. So now I'm beginning to suspect that she may be a closet 80's fan.

Steel Breeze took their name from a snatch of lyrics to Pink Floyd's "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" ("You were caught on the crossfire/Of childhood and stardom/Blown on the steel breeze"), the six piece outfit became an early darling of MTV. Blending traditional, guitar-based power pop with the new wave/synthesizer trends of the day, their self-titled 1982 release scored a sizable hit, aided by heavy rotation on MTV of the song "You Don't Want Me Anymore." The song wasn't quite able to crack the Top Ten, but it remained charted for five months. They went on to release one more disappointing album and that was the end of Steel Breeze, like many of their 80's counterparts. This really is a good album, although it is kind of dated. But if you liked 80s new wave rock, it's for you. One thing that may surprise you is that there is some really good guitar licks on this album.

You Don't Want Me Anymore
Lost In The 80's
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SteveA said...

I absolutely love this song. I remember it from a K-Tel collection I had back in 1982.
I am a huge fan of music - and I have to say that to me there was no other decade more fun, diverse and full of great music as the 80's - it had character.
The 90's seems to be reflective of changing times - youth gone wild and seemed to be chaotic. trust me - I love the 90's too and the rock that emerged was great. But some of the best rock music did emerge in the 80's - Guns N' Roses; Iron Maiden; AC/DC; Rushm The Cult, The Pixiesm Siouxie Sioux etc.

Mark from Reno said...

By the way, some of the folks from this band still play as Steel Breeze here in the Reno-Tahoe area, but they do mostly cover songs in casinos.

wick said...

Geez, when I lived in Reno my band played "Don't Want You Anymore". I always set the tempo way too fast and it sounded like a "march". yuk!

I haven't been to the Truckee Meadows in 20 years. I heard that it's sprawling all the way out to the Mt. Rose Highway and beyond. To bad. I will always love that country. Wish I could go back. ...

tastelikedirt said...

Yeah, I heard all the members have changed several times and they play covers in casinos pretty much still to this day.

Anonymous said...

I loved Steelbreeze in the 80's and i still love their music today.There are some surprisingly good guitar licks in their songs.Definitely check them out their first album.