Friday, March 19, 2010

The Lines are Open

The Arrows were a popular 1980s new wave band from Toronto, Canada. The Arrows were formed in 1981 by vocalist Dean McTaggart and drummer Michael Sloski. Following the Daniel Lanois-produced independent song "Misunderstood", the band landed a deal with A&M Records.

With the help of producer/songwriter David Tyson, their 1984 debut album Stand Back was a national success, providing a top 40 hit with "Meet Me in the Middle". The album sold well, and the band found themselves as the opening act on the UK leg of Chris de Burgh's 1984 tour.

Upon returning home, they went back to the studio for work on their second album The Lines are Open, which saw its release in October 1985. The singles "Heart of the City", "Talk Talk" and "Chains" all saw success in Canada, but pressures from management for a breakout hit were causing problems within the band, and following a cross-Canada tour, the group called it quits at the end of 1986. Out of print of course and Only available on vinyl.   This is another gem I came across in Mrs. homercat's vinyl collection.  I have given up all hope of out of print stuff ever being available again so I have once again decided to buy the majority of my music on vinyl now(like I did in the seventies and eighties).  I've been finding great stuff at thrift stores in near mint condition, paying an average price of 80 cents an album.  So instead of buying that old  album in cd format for an inflated price, I'm going to find it used and maybe pay a buck for it.  I'm getting fairly good at ripping these vinyl albums and have fallen in love with vinyl all over again.  This is an issue I'm going to rant about in an upcoming post so I don't want to go off right now.  For now, enjoy some out of print music.

Heart of the City
Talk Talk

Funny Toon