Thursday, March 11, 2010

Music For the Hard of Thinking

Possibly no other band in Canadian history matches the presence and good-time feeling generated when listening to Doug and the Slugs. Music For The Hard Of Thinking was the third album by Doug and the Slugs being released in 1983. It wasn't really until the "Making It Work" single from this album that the US really got to hear Doug and The Slugs. The album helped them get nominated for a 'Most Promising Group' Juno award in Canada. Masterful harmonies behind "Making It Work" and the slick hit "Who Knows How" solidified them as the country's number one band for just good times, playing non-stop for the better part of the next year all across Canada as well as in the States.

Even after their heyday these guys toured constantly up to 2004 and even played shows way up north in the Yukon and Northwest territories where most bands fear to go.  Unfortunately Canada lost arguably their best singing comic, and most original performer on October 16, 2004 when Doug Bennett passed away in a Calgary hospital. He was admitted a week earlier and slipped into a coma, where he remained on life support until falling victim to complications from a long-standing heart ailment. Fine musicianship always ran through the band, regardless of who the other Slugs have been. But it was the live presence that kept Doug and The Slugs at the cream of the Canadian music crop for nearly three decades. Their no-nonsense, 'gotta make my feet move' party atmosphere put them above the rest. There was never been anyone better.

Unfortunately their stuff is a bitch to find and has long been out of print. I found this vinyl copy at a used record store about a month ago and am currently trying to locate the rest of their catalog.

If You Don't Come
Making it Work
St. Laurent Summer
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Randall said...

Been a Slug fan since since 1982, one of the best days of my life was when "Music for the Hard of Thinking" was released in the states. Years ago found a 2 on 1 of Cognac and Wrap it!. Wish they would release the later stuff electronically, those were hard to find stateside.