Thursday, April 22, 2010


Mere months after the release of Who Are You in 1978, Keith Moon died and the future of The Who was uncertain. The remaining members felt that with Keith gone they would never be the same. So for a few years Pete, Roger and the Ox piddled around with their own projects. Roger was working on a film version Of John McVicar's autobiography. McVicar was an armed robber who was tagged 'Public Enemy No. 1' by Scotland Yard with a 'dead or alive' reward on his head. He was apprehended and given a 26 year jail sentence, escaping from prison on several occasions. He was released in 1978. He wrote McVicar by Himself while still in prison and scripted the 1980 biographical film McVicar, which starred Roger Daltrey in the title role.

The soundtrack for the film was also dubbed a Roger Daltrey solo effort. In reality the soundtrack for McVicar could be tagged "the best, post Keith Moon, Who album". Townshend, Entwistle and Kenney Jones all contributed to this album a year before Face Dances was released as the first Who album without Keith. Even the movie posters touted, "Soundtrack by The Who". Daltrey is in excellent form on this album. More so than his ok vocals on Face Dances. Don't get me wrong, I love The Who and I think Face Dances is a fine album, I just like this one better. McVicar is a pretty darn good album that showed the world that the Who were back. Anyways the album should be a part of any serious record collection.

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i agree with you 100% about McVicar....a great Who album in all but name and a must-have for any serious Who-phile, it took me bloody years to find a replacement for my lost vinyl copy...and a day of great joy for me