Friday, April 16, 2010

Those K-Tel Days

I don't know if anyone has noticed but homercat has kinda been taking a break from Good Rockin' during this fine April. Fine weather, hockey playoffs, more work and other assorted goings on has kept my computer time limited.

Last week homercat's ole lady finally got the rest of her vinyl collection transported to our place from it's former resting place in Alberta. Most of her collection hasn't seen the light of day for thirty years or more. I found it interesting that she has quite a few of those K-Tel collections. If you weren't around in the seventies then you probably have no idea what a K-Tel record is. They were budget compilations mostly advertised on TV that you had to send away for. For you younger folk, think of your NOW cd's, ceptin cheaper. For us old fogeys it might bring back some memories. What I found amusing is that almost all of her vinyl collection is in pristine shape except for her K-Tel records. You can obviously tell she played them a lot in her preteen years before she began taking proper care of her collection. .So I thought out of curiosity sake and a cruise down memory lane, I would rip a few of these classic discs and put up some of the more obscure tunes because K-Tel always seemed to put a few not so big hits on each collection.. Most of them are in fairly decent shape and those that were rough, I managed to clean up pretty good. These songs came from a collection called Disco Rock and came out in 1975.

Rockin' Chair by Gwen McCrae
Dynomite by Bazuka
Up in a Puff of Smoke by Polly Brown

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