Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Catnip Fever

Kat-Tail Records presents Catnip Fever, 20 songs as recorded by the original artists for a limited time only. Seriously though, I thought that as long as I've been ripping a bunch of these K-Tel compilation records that the Mrs. had in her vinyl collection, I might as well make one myself for Good Rockin'. A "should have been released on K-Tel" compilation. Now I know several of the songs on this comp have made their appearance here at one time or another, maybe on one of my previous comps or a stand alone post. Since it's my site I reckon I can do another. Most of these gems are obscure hard to find tuneage. The big drawback is that these all come from different sources such as vinyl, cd, and or cassette in some cases. As you may well know this can create an uneven listening experience sometimes. Sometimes loud, soft etc. Also the bitrates are all different. Yet homercat guarantees that most folks will love this comp from start to finish and you might even want to burn a cd to preserve these classics in case yer hard drive crashes. If I may so myself this is a lot of fun to listen to and would go well with beers and parties (have lampshade handy). Homercat is so inspired that there will sure to be more Kat-Tail comps coming in the future. Sit back and enjoy 20 nuggets of gold and if you enjoy let the cat know what yer fave tune was. For those of you not wanting to grab the whole thing I'll put up one song. On this comp I included the extended version of Star Trekkin'. So I'll put up the regular original version of that particular song.

Star Trekkin' by The Firm


Artist -Title
Reunion -Life Is a Rock
The Partridge Family -I Think I Love You
Julie Brown -Girl Fight Tonight (Extended Brawl Remix)
Meri Wilson -Telephone Man
Maclean and Maclean -I've Seen Pubic Hair
Rick Dees & His Cast of Idiots- Disco Duck, Pt. 1
Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods -Billy, Don't Be a Hero
Pilot -Magic
The Firm -Star Trekkin' (extended)
Jigsaw -Sky High
Paper Lace -The Night Chicago Died
Barnes and Barnes -Fish Heads
Vicki Lawrence -The night the lights went out in georgia
Ringo Starr -No-no Song
Hot Butter -Popcorn
Larry Groce -Junkfood Junkie
The Main Ingredient -Everybody Plays the Fool
Ray Stevens -Gitarzan
C.W. McCall -Convoy
Showdown -The Rodeo Song

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