Friday, June 04, 2010


I have really been spending a lot of time playing and ripping all this new (to me) vinyl that we've acquired over the last couple months. I've mentioned the K-Tel brand before and those records are the ones I have had the most fun transferring to digital.

It seems that the years from 73 to 78 were the most prolific for the K-Tel records especially since a lot of what I've been ripping are from 1973. I believe that AM radio was still king at the time and there didn't seem to be specialty stations like there is now. There was such a diverse amount of music being played on AM back then. A station might play a Tony Orlando and Dawn song and the next song would be from the Edgar Winter Group. FM was still in it's infancy waiting to grow up and kick AM radio's butt with it's format specialization and cleaner sound. Those days are gone but we've got 14 vinyl albums to remind us of what it was like. Almost everyone my age has a special fondness in our hearts for these old cheesy platters. This K-Tel album is called Fantastic and it came out in 1973. It has a whopping 22 original hits and some crazy edits or re recording to fit that many tunes on the record. This record was very clean and almost mint compared to some of our others. You may hear a couple clicks or pops, but not many. Here is the track list for this album.
Artist- Title
Stories- Brother Louie
Elton John- Crocodile Rock
Dawn (featuring Tony Orlando)- Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree
Focus- Hocus Pocus
The Sweet- Little Willy
Bill Withers- Lean On Me
Lobo- It Sure Took A Long, Long Time
Vicki Lawrence- The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
The Incredible Bongo Band- Bongo Rock
New York City- I'm Doin' Fine Now
Barry White- I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby
Maureen McGovern- The Morning After
Chester -Make My Life a Little Bit Brighter
Les Emmerson- Cry Your Eyes Out
Charlie Daniels- Uneasy Rider
Albert Hammond- The Free Electric Band
Foster Sylvers- Misdemeanor
Five Man Electrical Band- I'm A Stranger Here
Stampeders- Minstrel Gypsy
Peter Foldy- Bondi Junction
Jim Stafford- Swamp Witch
Elton John- Rocket Man
While recording and listening to this one I found it a very enjoyable experience. The edit on the Barry White song cracked me up, it was like just starting then it was over.  So I have put up a couple of the more obscure tunes here today.

Bill Withers- Lean On MeJim Stafford- Swamp Witch
Charlie Daniels- Uneasy Rider

Now I will say this, if there is anybody out there who would like a copy of each of the 14 K-Tel albums in our collection I would be glad to hook a fella up. All one would have to do is send me an email. Check the comments to this post for my email and details on how to get these goodies. Have a great weekend all.

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homercat said...

Email me, homercat at shaw dot ca (Change to the proper email protocol, I do it this way so site robots can't pick up on it and start spamming my email) and I will reply with a link for the albums.

Todd said...

I distinctly remember the TV comercial for this one....

jb said...

I have a version of this album that is which is somewhat different from yours. It's stashed away someplace, but I seem to recall that it doesn't have the Incredible Bongo Band, Les Emmerson, the Stampeders, or Peter Foldy. Canadian vs. US editions, I'd guess.

Anonymous said...

One of my 1st ever albums.... very cool - K-tel bring it on thanks
prs7000 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Grew up on K-Tel records and the GREAT TV commercials. Please send any and all. chaddick77 at yahoo dot com. Thanks! Always great posts! Fight the power!

homercat said...

One reason for the different track listings is that the Canadian and American releases of the same album were always different as the Canadian versions always featured more Canadian content.

Anonymous said...

My US version I mail ordered from the TV commercial had Blue Mink - Randy on it.