Thursday, June 17, 2010

Head On

Bachman-Turner Overdrive's fifth release, Head On, came out in December of 1975. Unfortunately this album pretty much heralds the end of the Bachman-Turner Overdrive story. That doesn't mean it's a bad album, quite the opposite. The tracks are mostly typical BTO stuff yet Randy Bachman's dominance of the group is apparent -- his face alone fills the front cover (although the original vinyl cover folded out into a huge poster featuring the whole band), he produced the record, and he wrote or co-wrote five of the nine songs. You can hear the band slightly going into a new direction, which isn't a bad thing overall. The album's 9 songs are all party bar band keepers and many bands don't have this many good tunes on a greatest hits album. Bachman would stick around for one more studio album which he totally dominated and then the band in this particular incarnation was pretty much done. One last note, on the song Take it Like a Man, that guy tickling the ivories is none other than Little Richard. Near the end of the song you can hear CF Turner say, Play it Richard, in which he does so with gusto.

It's Over
Take it Like a Man
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