Thursday, July 08, 2010


Avalon, released in 1982, was Roxy Music's eighth (and, to date, final) studio album. Definitely one of the best albums to be released in the 80's it also appears on my list of Top 100 albums of all time. It was the culmination of the smoother, more adult-oriented sound of the band's later work. It was a decent commercial success, hitting #1 in the UK (for 3 weeks) and staying on the album charts for over a year, yet only peaking at #53 in America. One of the sexiest and aurally rich albums ever recorded, and yes, it's true what's been said time and time again about Avalon- it is, undoubtedly, THE album to have playing for that ideal intimate encounter! There is something so seductive and sexy about the overall atmosphere of the entire album. The record is steller from the first track to the last and the songs are just beautiful. More Than This, Avalon, Take a Chance With Me and To Turn You On are guaranteed heart melters. It's a rich, textured album and was a hell of a way to end the band's career. It has been 28 years since its release, and it still gives me chills.

To Turn You On
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