Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't Hold Back

Sky was an American rock power trio active in the early 1970s, based out of Detroit, Michigan. They released two albums with RCA before breaking up in 1973. Maybe best known (if at all) as being the late Doug Fieger's first band. Not to be confused with British classical rockers Sky, these boys were fresh out of high school and developed a steady following in the motor city opening shows for Jethro Tull, The Who and Joe Cocker as well as local favorites Bob Seger and The Stooges. In the late 60s, he apparently sent a letter off to uber-producer Jimmy Miller (Rolling Stones, Traffic among many others) and suggested that if he were ever to come to the Motor City, he should drop in and hear Fieger’s band, that being Sky. Miller took him up on his offer, and at the ripe old age of 17, Fieger and his bandmates were spirited off to the UK where they recorded their debut album, ‘Don’t Hold Back’ in 1970. Fieger played bass and sang vocals and wrote all the material. They would record a second LP with Miller (this time back in the States) before breaking up in 1972. The sound of Sky is a mix of 1970-appropriate heavy guitars, mixed with some great hooks. They were clearly ahead of their time, which is probably what doomed them to obscurity. From my experience both albums from The Sky are getting difficult to find and going for big money. Yet how delighted was I to find a copy of their debut for a mere 15 dollars. The album really holds up well today and folks shouldn't be scared away just because Fieger went on to form The Knack.

I have officially switched back to vinyl. From now on 95% of all my music purchases will be on vinyl, now that I have tracked down a couple of great used record stores. Just last week I was in this one store and homercat thought he might actually shed a tear. The amount of music that has never made the transition to digital is mind boggling. Oh the albums I saw and wanted to purchase, alas I was short on time and cash but now know where to find treasures such as this Sky album. Unfortunately my purchases won't be supporting the artists as these are used records, but then again at one time they were new and had been purchased at the original price so in a sense they've received their payment. Also it's not homercat's fault that they won't make the out of print stuff available for us to purchase. Really both Sky albums should be re released instead of fading into oblivion. If anyone would like a copy of Don't Hold Back, an email might be sent to the homercat and one might get a reply. I hope you dig these tracks, and while you're at it, raise a glass in memory of Doug Fieger who passed in Feb of this year.

Goodie Two Shoes
Make it in Time

Funny Toon


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Good call on the vinyl. You will always be able to buy that. The cd, on the other hand, looks to be on its last legs. Would have never figured that when my appreciation of records and mistrust of the digital got me tagged as eccentric nearly 25 years ago.

Allen L. said...

I would love a copy of this. And I happen to really dig The Knack, so there.
I, too, have made the switch back to vinyl. But I am only buying new albums that are released on Vinyl and come with a digital download. Been worth it so far.
The vinyl is reserved for special listens and the dds usually come with a bonus or two.

Cameron E. said...

A friend turned me on to Don't Hold Back in about 1971. It became one of my favorites and I still have both Sky albums (although I'm not sure what shape they're in today). I think it's sad the Doug Fieger will be remembered only for "My Sharona", as he had so much more talent than that song would lead you to believe.