Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hot Water

Summer has finally come to the Island. Living in such an awesome temperate climate really spoils us sometimes. So far this year the temperature hasn't exceeded 20 degrees. Just this Monday the high was only 13. Then Tuesday rolled around and it's been 31 or over every day. So summer is finally here and you know what really gets homercat into the summer mood? Two artists in particular go hand in hand with summer, in my humble opinion. None other than Jimmy Buffett and Joan Jett. Jimmy is an obvious choice, but with Joan it goes deeper for me because of that summer in the early eighties when I followed Joan around to all of her shows in the midwest, landing in the front row for many of them.

Hot Water was Jimmy Buffett's 17th studio album coming out in the summer of 1988. The album continued Buffett's new use of a wide variety of musical instruments more than was typical for Buffett's earlier works, notably horns and percussion. All but two of the album's songs were written or co-written by Buffett. The other two songs are cover songs. Critics have never been kind to Jimmy and this album was no exception. Most didn't like it, but us parrtoheads know better. Admittedly maybe not his strongest work but any Buffettphile will tell you that there is no such thing as a bad Buffett album. Once people "get" Buffett, they become a die hard fan for life. As with any of his albums there are a couple real gems here and it's great summer music. Hot Water or did he mean Hot Weather. We got em here folks.

Bring Back the Magic
That's What Living is to Me
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