Friday, July 16, 2010

Light of Day

In theme with what makes me think of summer we'll explore the hard to find soundtrack to the film Light of Day starring Joan Jett and Michael J Fox which came out in 1987. Four of the tunes are performed by the Barbusters which consists of Jett, Fox and Michael McKean and two other dudes.  These guys actually played together as a unit and they also played a couple of live gigs togehter as the Barbusters.  Bon Jovi, Ian Hunter, the Fabulous Thunderbirds and a song written and performed by Michael J Fox round out the album.  Jett's performance in the film has received critical praise , yet writer director Paul Schrader did not care for Joan's performance.  As most know the title track was written by Bruce Springsteen especially for Joan and even today it is a staple for both artists in their live shows. The film may also be the first real attempt for Fox to escape his image as a slacker that he created in films such as Back to the Future. Light of Day is one of the very few projects where Fox has smoked in front of the camera, even though he was himself a chain smoker at the time. Yet he avoided being photographed with a cigarette out of fear that it would encourage smoking.

This soundtrack album is certainly not the best that the 80's had to offer, but it is now hard to find and if you're a fan of Jett like the homercat then it's one that has to be found.

Light of Day by the Barbusters (Joan Jett and Michael Fox)
You Got No Place to Go by Michael J Fox
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WZJN said...

Coincidental that you featured Joan today. I was just listening to a binch of her hits I had queued up such as "Do you wanna Touch", "Little Dreamer", "Cherry Bomb" and "AC/DC". Nice touch of nostalgia with your tracks - thanks!