Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Mean City

No Mean City is the 10th studio album by the hard rocking Nazareth. It was released in 1979. After playing as a four piece since it's inception, Nazareth added guitarist Zal Cleminson to the band. With the release of this album the Scottish lads now had a dual guitar assault to enhance their sound. A couple of the cuts on this album are just as mean and nasty as the cover would lead you to believe. Tucked in the middle of the album is probably the one of the best ballads Nazareth ever recorded. Star should have been a way huger hit for them. It's a power ballad about a love affair broken up by the music biz that is driven by a sweetly harmonized guitar riff almost as heart-tugging as the song's lyrics. I prefer it over their mega smash, Love Hurts.  A couple of good examples of the group's new twin guitar firepower include "Just to Get Into It," a blinding speed rocker that provides the album with a kick in yer face opening track, and "Simple Solution," a hard-driving slab of boogie rock that sets cynical lyrics against the backdrop of a gritty, hypnotic guitar riff. When the album originally came out it only had a short running time with a mere eight, although powerful  tracks. It has since been re released a couple times with bonus tracks.  The 2002 release is already out of print and a 2010 release is only available as an import with less bonus tracks.

Simple Solution, Part 1 & 2
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bob said...

my fav naz album.

WZJN said...

They are sadly overlooked but to this day I still love breaking out some Naz. In concert, they gave me my money's worth and more left over. No Mean City is a great album.