Monday, July 05, 2010

Out of Print Repost Day

Todays entry is a repost from 2 years ago that I felt was time to resurrect again, especially with the shortage of time on my hands. Also to avoid this album from being relegated to the lost, never to be found again files. Older readers have probably snagged this already, newer readers might want to take a gander.

Sue Saad and the Next is a lost gem in rock history. Sue Saad and the Next only did one album way back in 1980. If you have it, you are lucky. Especially judging from the number of requests I get for this album. If not, look around the used record stores, because it never made it to CD although it should have. It would be a prized addition to any vinylphiles collection. A solid rock band, sounding a little like a female fronted Loverboy. At times Sue sounds like Ann Wilson, and the band rocks - well played early 80's rock. They have a bass-heavy beat that is not dance music, and the guitar riffs are memorable. They also have one song on the Roadie soundtrack which was how I was introduced to them. They never made a second album, although Sue and band went on to write music for several movies most notably the soundtrack to Looker and Radioactive Dreams (which I am looking for, any help?).

So here's another example of a lost classic that is unavailable for the masses, unless someone you happen to know someone has ripped it from vinyl for you. It's lucky for you guys that you know homercat. While I don't endorse the whole album download thing, I do in this particular case, because it's criminal. Like I said before, I've had a lot of requests for this album from some buds as it is extremely hard to find. Like so many other hard to find out of print albums (can anyone say Cheap Trick catalogue), It's time that that an injustice be rectified and have this and other lost classics be restored to the masses.

192 kbps

Gimme Love Gimme Pain
It's Gotcha
Young Girl
I I Me Me
Your Lips-Hands-Kiss-Love
I Want Him
Cold Night Rain
Won't Give It Up
Danger Love

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Allen L. said...

I have seen no less than 4 copies of this record at Amoeba in Hollywood at one point. Next time I'm there I'll check again and, if its there, I'll have to pick it up.