Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer

It's that time of year again. The cat is fixin to head off to Alberta for some much needed R and R. Figurin' since I'm headed for cowboy country it would only be fitting that I should put up some music from native Albertan Corb Lund. Especially since where we're headed is the same area where he was born and raised.

Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer is the fourth album by Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans, released in 2005. The album was certified gold and named Album of the Year by the Canadian Country Music Association in 2006. From songs like ‘Truck Got Stuck’, a story about a bunch of farmers getting stuck in the mud after a huge rainfall, to the song ‘Hurtin Albertan’ whose chorus sings ‘I’m a Hurtin Albertan with nothing more to lose, too much oil money not enough booze’, Lund writes songs Albertans and Canadians can laugh about in their honesty. A great album full of hooks you will be humming all day. Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans boast 22 awards, including Canadian Country Music Association Awards for 2008 Roots Artist of the Year and Juno Awards 2006 Roots and Traditional Album of the Year. They also have been nominated for many other awards, mostly within Canada. Though Corb is gaining recognition down south this is a good example of another Canadian release that needs more yankee exposure.

Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer
Hurtin' Albertan
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WZJN said...

Actually, a pretty damn good song! Thanks for my latest musical turn on.