Friday, August 06, 2010

Lights Out

Peter Wolf ditched the J. Geils Band in 1983 because co-leader Seth Justman turned down a batch of new songs Wolf had written with some other guys, he made the most of it and released the great Lights Out album in 1984. Boasting a huge hit single, the bouncing, machine funk monster title track, and a whole buttload of catchy, candy coated' '80s power pop, the album is one of the hidden gems of the era and sadly out of print. Peter put together an eclectic ensemble to create the record. The album was engineered by Ed Stasium, who produced most of the Ramones' recordings. The musicians involved ranged from hiphop pioneers to marquee name rockers, including, Mick Jagger, Elliot Easton of the Cars, Adrian Belew, G.E. Smith, members of the P-Funk Horns, Yogi Horton, Maurice Starr, and Michael Jonzun, leader of the Jonzun Crew.

Wolf found himself a little success and the J geils Band totally tanked when he left. It amazes me how damn good this album is and how damn hard it is to find now. This is an ear-candy full, melodic record that, darn it, is just great fun to listen to. It is one of those masterpieces that deserves the re-released remastered treatment and those fat cat record execs sit in their golden palaces with their thumbs up their butt ignoring this little gem.

I Need You Tonight
You can buy it here if you're willing to fork out some crazy cash. Prices range from 140 to 300 dollars, or you can ask the homercat for a copy because someone's gettin rich and it ain't Peter Wolf or the record company.

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Allen L. said...

Um....yes, please! Haven't heard this since i was in college!

Barely Awake In Frog Pajamas said...

That record is a forgotten little gem and the title track sounded great on the radio that summer.

totaji said...

Can you hook me up?

Barru said...

Yeah. Can you hook me up?

homercat said...

Due to overwhelming demand here is the link for this classic