Friday, August 13, 2010


Don't you love to listen to music when you can tell the artist is having a ball making the recording. As I was thinking of the old days when MTV used to play videos, I got to thinking about the original VJ's and Martha Quinn popped into my head. Then a song about Martha Quinn called Stuffin' Martha's Muffin by the one and only Mojo Nixon. Mojo was a darling of the early MTV. Until he wrote a song that dissed MTV.(maybe it was that Martha song). Then he was banned from their high falutin TV channel. Now that high falutin' music TV channel is a piece of garbage that hardly has anything to do with music and Mojo is still priceless.

Think of Mojo as a real working class guy. Telling it like it really is. Kinda like Bruce Springsteen without the stick up his ass. I loved Mojo and I am still eagerly waiting for his comeback. If ever music needed Mojo it's now. Hillbilly, rockabilly, politically incorrect and a musician that really speaks his mind and doesn't give a flying fuck what anyone thinks. Yeah, gotta love that. We need that now.

I have done several posts about Mojo over the years just cause you gotta love the scoundrel.  I guess I'm making it my mission to make sure that the word of Mojo gets spread. otis
Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper wound up cutting ties in late 1989; Nixon wanted to form a full backing band, while Roper left the touring life to pursue a solo career that resulted in two albums for Triple X. For his first solo album, Nixon assembled an all-star cowpunk band featuring Country Dick Montana (Beat Farmers), John Doe (X), Eric Ambel (Del Lords), and Bill Davis (Dash Rip Rock). The result, Otis, was released in 1990 and caused a stir with the notorious "Don Henley Must Die," a rip on the Eagles frontman turned solo artist. (Two years later, the initially offended Henley shocked Nixon by climbing on-stage in Austin, TX, to perform the song with him; Nixon subsequently called off his fatwa.)  For fans of good old in-your-face iconoclastic rock that doesn't take itself too seriously, this will fill the bill.  Now I did talk about this album a couple of years ago and even offered a download of the whole album but you gotta keep it out there for the people and maybe have them running around trying to track down this out of print gem. Mojo is Mark Twain, Lou Reed, Hunter S. Thompson, Frank Zappa and Howlin' Wolf rolled up into one big burrito and dosed with LSD. For you youngsters just discovering Mojo, start with any Mojo album really, then proceed to ask yourself why there isn't anybody else these days with the same mad rage making music.

Ain't High Falutin'
Rabies Baby

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Darrin Ego said...

Man, Thanks for the post. There is not enough love for Mojo Nixon anymore. One of my favorite things about livng here in Austin is seeing Mojo's annual free performance in March at the Continental.