Monday, November 15, 2010


Can You say rare, hard to find and pretty darn good. That describes the 1979 album Elevator by The Rollers. Having replaced longtime lead singer Les McKeown with Duncan Faure, the Bay City Rollers shortened their name to simply The Rollers, and pursued a more rocking, power-pop sound than their previous work. Now if you look at the cover you can probably tell you're going to get something a little different than you were previously used to, judging by the big pill in the elevator. Yes the Bay City Rollers grew up and the grown up sound could be described as Cheap Trick and The Beatles filtered through late-'70s Electric Light Orchestra. I know a good many Rollers fans who will tell you that this is their favorite album. Lots of drug, sex and confessions of the crashing of rock 'n' roll dreams references. Definitely a more mature sound, from the opening track of Stoned Houses pt 1 which then rips right into the second kick ass track Elevator the album is solid. I've had people say to me that no way is Elevator a Rollers song, they thought I was pulling their leg. Elevator stands as perhaps the most convincingly musical of all the band's albums. Trouser Press magazine even compared it to the Beatles' Rubber Soul album. That might be pushing the envelope a wee bit, but still the band had shrugged off the teeny sound of yesteryear with very satisfying results. I implore you to check this one out if you can find it.  I think it's available on cd as an import.

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