Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Glass Houses

Glass Houses
From 1973 to 1993 Billy Joel was a pure d bonafide hit making machine. In that time frame he released 11 studio albums. Two of those went platinum and the other nine went multi platinum. Pretty impressive numbers. In 1980 Joel released Glass Houses, his seventh studio album, which went on to go 7 times platinum. The album was Joel's attempt to change the pop crooner image that the music press was trying to label him as at the time. The album cover consists of Joel poised to throw a rock through the big two story window of his real life modern waterfront glass house in Oyster Bay. Which is an obvious statement to the press saying hey I'm about to shatter your labels of me right now. He does it in a brilliant way, I might add. This album has everything one could want in a rock n roll album. As I was transferring this from vinyl and listening to it from start to finish for the first time in a long time, I was once again floored at how good and irrestibly catchy the songs are. I think any one of these songs could have been a top 10 hit, as it was 5 of the songs were released as singles and Joel won a well deserved grammy award for the album.

Sometimes a Fantasy
Sleeping With the Television On
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Matt said...

I bought this album for a penny (along with 10 or 12 more!) from the Columbia Record and Tape Club, way back in, what, '81?
It's been years since I've listened to either of these songs, but I'm betting I will still be able to sing along with every lyric.
Nice selection!