Friday, November 05, 2010

Sparks In Outer Space

Sparks in Outer Space

Sparks' third album of the 1980s, 'Sparks In Outer Space', is a major improvement over its two predecessors . Certainly not their best album, this is probably Sparks' simplest sounding album ever - however the robotic simplicity is what makes this album so great. The brilliance of 'Sparks In Outer Space' lies in its uncomplicated, catchy songs, tasty melodies, and general danceable fun. The songs are quirky. Their rhyme, rhythm and repetition makes for a highly motivating, revitalizing listening experience. Jane Wiedlin, guitarist for the Go-Go's, features on two of the tracks, 'Cool Places' and 'Lucky You, Lucky Me'.

You should ensure that your CD collection includes this classic Sparks album. Nearly every song on this album is a Sparks gem. Although totally different in theme, the songs on this album have one thing in common: a simple but superb use of catchy vocal hooks, superb melodies, daft lyrics and a highly compelling beat.  Outer Space is one of my favorite albums because it's so damn fun to listen to. My roommates and I managed to destroy 3 vinyl copies of it because we played the piss out of it, especially at parties where a beer or two eventually ended up getting spilled on it.  A great 80's pop album, a snapshot of the time so to speak.  Since Sparks tends to be a love them or hate them band, this albums remains one of the most accessible Sparks albums for the casual listener. 'Outer Space' rocks, and listening to it brings back many fond memories of homercat's younger days.

I Wish I Looked a Little Better
Rockin' Girls
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Barely Awake In Frog Pajamas said...

Sparks is a lot of demented fun.

Anonymous said...

Good Memories! Nicely done. Although I must dispute the fact that any beer was ever spilled at a Homercat party! :)



homercat said...

lol, homercat was usually the one doing the spillage.