Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Introducing Sparks

Introducing Sparks
Introducing Sparks is the seventh album by Sparks released in 1977. It was their final release for Columbia records and did not fare any better than their previous effort, Big Beat. This album is another one of those rarities that can be hard to find. Other than it's initial vinyl release, it has been out of print for years. Even though Columbia had released Big Beat on cd it never bothered with this release and for many years it was the only Sparks release to only be available on vinyl and due to its commercial and critical failure, Introducing Sparks faded into obscurity. This was rectified in November 2007, when the album was officially re-released on CD on Sparks own record label; Lil' Beethoven Records. While I think it may still be available on cd one might want to scoop it up before it fades away again. As a Sparks fan I don't really understand why it was received so terribly. Certainly it's not one of their best but it is full of typical Sparks goodness that us fans love. It's also the last Sparks album to feature the 70's Sparks sound as their next album was the dance oriented No 1 Song in Heaven produced by Georgio Moroder.

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