Friday, January 28, 2011

Bright Side of Music

Welcome to my first K-Tel Friday post of 2011. Someone did some serious Christmas shopping and came up with this goodie for homercat to unwrap. At this rate homercat is likely to amass the largest collection of K-Tel vinyl on the island. Near as I can tell Bright Side of Music probably came out sometime in 1973. Once again there isn't a date to be found anywhere on the album. They managed to cram 22 songs on this one. Whenever that happens you can be assured that there are some crazy edits of the tunes and this one doesn't disappoint. For a 22er the sound quality is surprisingly good. Usually it seems the more songs they put on the lesser the quality. I would really be surprised if I were to ever come across a "mint" condition copy of a K-Tel, I bet they're hard to find. I didn't do much editing here other than a few click-pop removals. For me the most surprising thing about this album was the fact that it contains 13 songs that I had never heard before in my life and that's a rarity. So this one was a real treat for me to rip.

320 kbps

Artist - Title
Lobo- Don't Expect Me to Be Your Friend
Donna Fargo- Funny Face
Gary Glitter- Rock & Roll Part One
Osmonds- Down By the Lazy River
New Seekers- Pinball Wizard/See Me, Feel Me
Barbara Mason- Give Me Your Love
Sailcat- Motorcycle Mama
Austin Roberts- Something's Wrong With Me
Frank Mills- Poor Little Fool
Joe Stampley- Soul Song
Gallery- Big City Miss Ruth Ann
Jud Strunk- Daisy a Day
King Harvest- Dancing in the Moonlight
Waybe Newton- Daddy Don't You Walk so Fast
Donny Osmond- Puppy Love
Rod Stewart- You Wear it Well
Bulldog- No
The Sweet- It's Lonely Out There
Paul Davis- Boogie Woogie Man
Timmy Thomas- Why Can't We Live Together
Stampeders- Oh My Lady
Brighter Side of Darkness- Love Jones

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Funny Toon


WZJN said...

Whole-e-cow! Excellent, choice and rare cuts with Sailcat, Austin Roberts and Bulldog.

Makes me want to build up my own K-Tel collection!