Friday, January 21, 2011


In the mid 90's Jackyl were unfairly lumped into the hair metal category along with acts like Damn Yankees and Slaughter. Actually they were a Southern rock boogie band from Georgia that formed in 1990. They had a well crafted blend of hard rock, Southern boogie and power tools. The fivesome shared an enthusiasm for AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and other like-minded artists.

Their self-titled debut, released in 1992, enjoyed several hit rock singles, but the most attention was drawn by "The Lumberjack," an ode to burly chain-saw wielders that featured a chainsaw solo by vocalist James Dupree. His chain-saw abilities became their calling card and let's face it, when was the last time you heard a rippin' good chainsaw solo.  Dupree was once asked, "How the hell can you play a chainsaw?", to which he responded, "How the hell can you not play a chainsaw?".  Not since Leatherface has someone wielded a chainsaw so adeptly.  And uh oh, censorship rears it's ugly head again with this release because it features a song entitled "She Loves My Cock," which was omitted from edited versions as were suggestive elements on the album's cover art for sale in the mega mart stores. When a K-Mart in Georgia refused to sell Jackyl, the band played an impromptu concert in front of the store which they used later in a video.

Through the years there's been some lineup changes and label shifts, but Jackyl released an album in 2002 with many tracks co written by Brian Johnson, vocalist for AC/DC. Then last year they released a new studio album which caused another round of controversy but I'll save that one for another time. Currently, Jackyl holds two Guinness world records, one for playing 100 concerts in 50 days and another for performing 21 concerts in a 24-hour period.   As I was writing this I was going to post the classic Lumberjack and another song as to avoid controversy.  Seems like I have a couple of sensitive readers who agree with censorship.  Since I am against censorship I have decided to include the She Loves My ....  song, explicit lyrics and all.  While decidedly not the most tasteful of tunes it is quite catchy and if Mrs homercat likes it then it can't be that bad.  Have a good weekend all

The Lumberjack
She Loves My Cock
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WZJN said...

Man, I laughed out loud on this one because I've always thought that I was one the only 27 people who ever heard of them, let alone bought the CD.

Good info though - I didn't know that they were still around. I might just have to pull the Luberjack into the rotation for a bit. Thanks for the post.