Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let the Music Do the Talking

When Joe Perry left Aerosmith in 1979, he formed The Joe Perry Project with vocalist Ralph Mormon, bassist David Hull and drummer Ronnie Stewart. The quartet got off to a good start with the back-to-basics debut Let the Music Do the Talking, which is an excellent album reminiscent of the brash and trashy appeal of early Aerosmith. The album sold almost 250,000 copies and ended up charting at #47. The title track was aimed at all the in-press bickering that was going on at the time between Aerosmith and Perry, then six years later the reunited Aerosmith would record the song for their Done With Mirrors album. Received well by critics, the record got little airplay and efforts were made by the powers-that-be to kill the record in an attempt to force Perry back into Aerosmith. A few years later the same vices that plagued Aerosmith began to rear their ugly heads once more in Perry's latest band. In total the Joe Perry Project released three albums with three different lead singers. The last album was released in 1984 and sold like 10 copies. Realizing that he was on a sinking ship, Perry made up with his former Aerosmith band-mates and rejoined them full-time later the same year. Let the Music Do the Talking still stands as a classic could have been great Aerosmith album if the drugs hadn't split the band apart.

Let the Music Do the Talking
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WZJN said...

Being from the Boston area, I loved Aerosmith. But, I really enjoyed the output from Joe Perry also. I had a chance to see them and they just ripped the place apart.

I don't quite remember, but Let the Music ... also had another fantastic track called South Station Blues that I could listen to today.

Thanks for pulling Joe out of the dust!