Monday, February 28, 2011


Recently visited my fave used record store and came across this little gem that may be fairly unknown to some folks.  Just had to put this this one up.

The Rainmakers were a Kansas City, Missouri-based original rock band which had a small string of hits in the late 1980s and early 1990s in the United States and Europe. Tornado was released in 1987 and was the second studio album by them. Personally I had never heard them until last Friday. The guy at the record store saw what I was picking out and suggested this band. He put this disc on the turntable and two minutes later I said sold, put that sucker in my pile. Absolutely loved it. They are very similar in vein to Jason and the Scorchers, but not quite. They released three studio albums then disbanded, although they have since gotten back together and released some new material. Perhaps their most prominent fan is horror writer Stephen King, who quoted the band's lyrics in his novels The Tommyknockers and Gerald's Game. After listening to the album I can see why he did, the lyrics are brilliant.  If you haven't heard these guys I would highly recommend tracking down this out of print treasure.  One listen to the Wages of Sin should convince you.  Currently trying to track down the other albums by these guys.

The Wages of Sin
Small Circles
One More Summer

Funny Toon


Barely Awake In Frog Pajamas said...

I used to hear their "Let My People Go Go" all the time in '87 or so.

(which I thought was by The Rainmakers)

Anonymous said...

A wonderful band. Loved them from the first time I heard them way back in the college days of '86. Here is an article about the band that I recently found:

The scary thing about them is that the Tornado album is probably their weakest. The debut is an absolutely fantastic album.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you!!!! I've been looking for "The Wages Of Sin" for like forever.

Anonymous said...

Another thank you for reminding me of a high-school pleasure that I thought deserved to be bigger.
I even managed to convince my crumby little high-school cover-band that we should do one of their songs. So we did "Downstream".
Good times...

Ottoz said...

I used to go see them in KC in the early 80s when they were called "Steve, Bob and Rich" Bob Walkenhorst is still playing around in the KC area and you can download a bunch of his live stuff at so go download some. Most of his stuff is solo acoustic, but he still can kick it.

seamush said...

Have to agree with the earlier comments. While the 2 tracks you've picked are the standouts, the album pales alongside the debut, which did feature "Let My People Go-Go" and "Rockin' At The T-Dance", the former even making it onto the video hits shows of the day Oz.

homercat said...

Wow this album really brought out the comments. I am currently searching for the debut on vinyl and have told my vinyl guy to keep a look out for it. If it's as good as you all say it is then I'm in for a big treat. Thanks all for stopping by.

Njff said...

Bob Walkenhorst, the lead singer of the Rainmakers, has been performing weekly at The RecordBar in K.C. for a decade or so now. His shows are recorded and made available for free on the Live Music Archive at There are also some recordings of live Rainmakers shows from back in the day.

Bob put out a solo album called "The Beginner" back in 2001, and a CD called "No Abandon" with Jeff Porter (as Walkenhorst & Porter) in 2009.

The Rainmakers just reunited (except with Jeff Porter replacing guitarist Steve Phillips, who is busy with his Irish band The Elders) to release a new album in March called "25 On." They're touring in Norway and select locations in the Midwest this spring and summer. More info at

njff said...

"I am currently searching for the debut on vinyl and have told my vinyl guy to keep a look out for it."

A noble quest, but if you don't need vinyl you should check out Village Records online for CDs. They have the new Rainmakers album, most of the old Rainmakers albums re-issued with bonus tracks, the "Balls" album by Steve Bob & Rich, the album by Walkenhorst & Porter, Bob's solo album "The Beginner," plus a couple of DVD's.