Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kiss my Blarney Stone

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and I felt like I should do something Irish related. Even though I don't feel very rollicking what with the earthquakes, tsunami's and meltdowns going on. Here on the island they have been predicting that we are way overdue for the "big" quake and after New Zealand and Japan we are doing what we can in the way of preparedness. So I think we should all stop for a second tomorrow, take a collective deep breath and have a pint or two before all these crises drive us nuts. In the meantime I wondered what I should put up for St patty's and I decided I would post up different versions of the classic Whiskey in the Jar. Not going to go into much detail since I'm pretty drained this week. I think all of these are great but my fave version is by The King which has surfaced here before at various times but it's a corker especially since it's sung by an Irish postal worker turned Elvis impersonator by the name of James Brown.

Whiskey In the Jar by Johnny Logan
Whiskey In the Jar by Thin Lizzy
Whiskey In the Jar by The King
Whiskey In the Jar by Metallica

Funny Toon


Anonymous said...

Hey Homercat; I think you have the same song linked to Johnny Logan and The King. Too bad Thin Lizzy didn't have a bass line on their version otherwise it would have been perfect. Metallica has way too much distortion on the guitars and the song seems like a pile of white noise. Happy St. Patricks Day Homercat and thanks.

homercat said...

Yer right, I totally had those links messed up. I have corrected it and it's right now. Thanks for the heads up.