Friday, March 25, 2011

No Fun Aloud

Glenn Frey is best known as a founding member of the Eagles but when they called it quits (the first time) he did have a decent solo career mainly in the 80's. No Fun Aloud was his first solo album coming out in 1982. It was a moderate commercial success and it was mostly fairly received by critics also. The album contains the top 40 hit The One you Love. Homercat's better half swears that the sax in that song is one of the sexiest sax soloes she's ever heard. Glenn's vocals and impeccable talent for crafting laid-back love songs really make the album noteworthy. Partytown is another great little song that's great to listen to around 5 on a Friday afternoon. A curious remake of Sea cruise sounds like a fluffy little bubblegum piece that seems out of place on this album, but the rest of the tracks make for mighty fine listenin'

The One You Love
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Barely Awake In Frog Pajamas said...

"Partytown" got a LOT of airplay on the rock stations in our neck of the woods at the time. If I remember correctly, tennis great John McEnroe sang/shouted background vocals.