Thursday, April 14, 2011


Freeways was the sixth studio album by Bachman–Turner Overdrive rleased in 1977. This album marked a couple of firsts for this band. It was the first BTO studio album to become a commercial failure, featuring the first BTO single that did not chart ("My Wheels Won't Turn"). It did reach the charts but it became the last BTO album by any formation of the band to reach the chart. I sometimes refer to this one as the mellow album or the Randy Bachman solo album. It was the last album Bachman appeared on and the last album to be made with the classic and successful "Not Fragile" line up. As you can see Randy did most of the writing and most of the vocals which really pissed off Fred Turner. He was reportedly so unhappy with this album that he wouldn't allow a straight-on picture of himself to be used on the cover, saying he felt like a "side man." Now that's all the bad news, the good news is that this is a very enjoyable record from start to finish. Keep in mind that the bone crushing riffs that BTO was famous for don't make an appearance here. Yet I would easily take a couple of tracks from this album and place them on a greatest hits compilation. Most people outside BTO's core fan base probably wont listen to this, there were no familiar radio staples like Hey You, Let It Ride, or Takin' Care Of Business but for fans of 70's worker rock, this is a great album. It's just the kinda album that one needs to listen through in one sitting and let the goodness of the music sneak up on you.

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