Wednesday, April 27, 2011


“I’m Like James Brown only white and taller
All I wanna do is stomp and holler.”—Hayes Carll, “Stomp And Holler”

Back in 2008 we went to see Corb Lund in concert and the opening act was someone I hadn't heard of at the time. His name is Hayes Carll and he blew us away. When his set was done there was a line up from hell at the merchandise booth(I was in it) and every single person ahead of me bought his disc, as did I. His music is a perfect combination of old school rock 'n roll and bluegrass with a country twist with some of the cleverest lyrics you've ever heard. Hayes put out his first album, Flowers and Liquor, back in 2002 and many publications that year named him the best folk act and best new artist of 2002. Carll's songs combine ragged tunes with autobiographical lyrics, including themes about lazy solitude, strumming his guitar, and drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Hayes just came out with a new album which we just purchased on vinyl. How excited were we when we saw it was pressed on a special edition clear vinyl. The album is fantastic and I can't stop listening to it. Cruising around online I see his first album  is already out of print with prices ranging from 60 to 120 dollars for his debut. Saw one used copy going for 112 dollars. Hayes is easily the best new artist of the new millennium, I have his Little Rock album listed on my top 100 albums of all time. So I urge you to listen to these tidbits and then run out and get his new album, KMAG YOYO (and other American Stories). You won't be disappointed. The acronym stands for Kiss my ass guys, you're on your own. In 2008 Carll had proven his talent for story telling with “She Left Me for Jesus”. On the song KMAG YOYO he does it again with a first-person fable of a soldier’s journey from an Abilene Dairy Queen to outer space (hence the album’s acronym) told in a rapid-fire salute to Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”: “Bowie on the system and a bottle on my knee, Armstrong ain’t got nothing on me.”  This is great stuff.

Stomp and Holler
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