Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Interior Design

Interior Design is the fifteenth album by Sparks being released in 1988. Once again another album from the Mael geniuses that most folks have never heard and didn't do anything commercially. Two tracks did make it to the Billboard Hot Dance Music chart. The vinyl pressing only had 10 tracks and CD versions of the album included a number of bonus tracks including three versions of the LPs final track "Madonna", a remix of "So Important" and the short instrumental "The Big Brass Ring". Long out of print, Sparks' own record label Lil' Beethoven Records reissued the album in a digipak sleeve retaining the bonus tracks back in 2008. It's a nice slice of late 80's synthpop which I just love, although the three different language versions of Madonna I could have done without especially since that is my least fave track on the album. Many critics cite this as their weakest album. Not agreeing with that one as I can think of a couple others that are weaker efforts than this.  For example I thought Lil Beethoven  was a less than stellar release. I just couldn't wrap my head around that one yet the critics absolutely loved it.  Even Sparks fans are split on this album,  they love it or hate it.

The Toughest Girl in Town
Let's Make Love
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Arthur2sheds said...

Just wading into Sparks now after not really paying them much heed. It was a chance hearing of "monster of love" that did it. Just bought Kimono My House at Toronto's Rotate This recently. Obviously a vast back catalogue to explore.

Steve Finnell said...

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